10 training courses for an original professional retraining

A professional recovery is usually triggered by a desire for a life change, often drastic. Going to training to access an atypical profession therefore represents an ideal opportunity to radically transform your daily life. Have you always wanted to become a writer and never had the attention to take a step or are you passionate about cinema and the job of director makes you dream? Discover without further delay 10 training courses to embark on an unusual professional retraining. A selection made with our partner Topformation, a platform specialized in professional training.

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Become a writer

Have you always had a literary soul but never dared to embark on the writing profession? It’s not too late. Sunshine offers training so that your pen becomes your working tool. Becoming a writer cannot be improvised, it is a complex job. That’s why this training – at a cost of 914 euros, but eligible for the CPF – will help you structure your ideas, create characters or even develop a universe to bring your story ideas to life, through seven modules additional writing. You can free up your writing while working within an organized framework so you don’t fall into the trap of a beginner writer who writes without a common thread.

Become a dog breeder

Do you have a special affection for animals and especially dogs? Does the art of dressage intrigue you? Then the dog breeder profession is for you. Beyond the educational aspect, the dog breeder profession also includes a large part of business management when you are self-employed. The trainer Sherwood thus offers you an introduction to this profession – via a training course in four modules for 1,590 euros and financed with your CPF – training in the legislative environment, the commercial, financial and administrative management of the profession for 250 hours will learn

Become a bike shop owner

At a time when the environmental issue is at the heart of the debate, the ways of travel with a low carbon impact are on the rise. The bicycle market is doing well and continues to grow. Force LMS offers training to help you open a bike shop. For two months for 830 euros, you will be trained in the creation of companies. During 109 hours, you will learn how to organize your shop or manage your customers to better understand the bicycle market. The training is eligible for the CPF.


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Become a director

Are you passionate about the 7th art and want to do your job? Stardust Masterclass offers you training to become a director and get behind the camera. For 1,095 euros, you will be introduced to all the technical and artistic steps necessary to design a film. Through five modules spread over 80 hours, you will analyze the history of cinema and directors, you will be trained in the different genres of cinema, screenwriting and character writing. The financial aspect of the profession will also be presented to you, such as the price of a film, the search for financing or even the production budget.

Become a brewer

BrewSociety offers brewing training in just one week to open your own micro-brewery! You will go through “complete training ranging from the basics of beer brewing to its marketing, including the cultivation of your own yeasts” explains the trainer on the announcement. For a cost of 1,900 euros, you will discover the different fermentation techniques, the raw materials to be used, the packaging, the labeling rules with the mandatory information, the customs formalities but also the good business plan to adopt for set up your brewery. The training is open to everyone and does not require special prerequisites. Note that you can finance it with your personal training account.

Become a falconer

It is difficult to make more unusual than this formation in this article. If you are passionate about birds, you can recover in the trades of falconry – breeding, scaring and public presentation on an itinerant basis thanks to the training offered by the Horts de Walhalla. For almost 265 hours and for an amount of 3,392 euros, the speakers of this training will train you in the conditions of the birds for public presentation, flight in show or different ways to attract a falcon. The Horts of Walhalla promises that at the end of this experience, the trainee will be able to manage a called hunting crew of about ten individuals, which he will be able to expand later.


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Become a comic book designer

The organization Lignes et formations offers training for a more unusual profession, that of caricaturist – author of comics. In this training, which can last from 11 to 24 months, you will collaborate with screenwriters or illustrators around different axes: learn to draw, drawing in comics, scripts in comics but also software and the graphic chain.

Become a leather quilter

Do you want to convert into a manual trade and are you passionate about leather? Afpa offers you training for an unusual job: that of a Moroccan seamstress. You will see all the different sewing techniques to become an expert in the subject. You will also be trained in aspects related to sustainable development such as the selective classification of waste to promote its treatment, including recycling. You also know about the environmental impacts and storage rules of the products used. The amount of training is 6,664 euros with modules spread over several weeks. These modules are supplemented by two periods in the company.

Become upholsterers and upholsterers

Afpa offers another training course for recovery for a manual job: that of upholsterer-upholsterer. If you opt for this training, you will learn how to make window decorations and interior blinds individually or in series. You will also be asked to make covers, seats and cushions, but also to learn to install and install decorative elements on site. The program, worth 8,470 euros, is composed of three modules, supplemented by two periods in a company.


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Become a mechanic-repairer of antique and historic vehicles

Do you have a weakness for mechanics and old cars? This training offered by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Hauts-de-France allows you to become a mechanic/bodybuilder of old vehicles in two years. You will thus be trained in all the operations related to the maintenance, upkeep and restoration of the mechanical and electronic elements of the old time vehicles. Practice on three vintage Peugeots: a 204 from the 70s and two 403s from the 55/60s. The training is eligible for the CPF.

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