15 short courses that can increase your salary

For obvious reasons of discretion, Natalie I prefer to remain anonymous. However, this young supply chain professional is quite proud of her success. At the beginning of the year, when he was preparing to become a financial transformation project manager in an industrial group, his boss offered him a 4% raise… Fragments? Not far, given the high standards on its market. The 30-year-old then took note of the proposal and gave himself time to reflect. Or rather, training time. One of the women’s networks to which she belongs offers, in partnership with Audencia, a module clearly titled #NegoTraining.

This three-hour workshop aims to promote gender pay equity. “I learned here to prepare mentally to negotiate, to discuss without pointing out, to put forward my added value for the company, he says. But also, and above all, to make allies.” It is really their two future managers who will succeed in convincing HR of the merits of their salary requirement. Result: + 8% in the pocket since December.

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Three days of coaching and a double increase… It’s effective! Like Nathalie, more and more employees are taking the subject of their continuing education into their own hands, without waiting for their box to take care of everything. And I’m right. The process is now easy: the legislator has given everyone the possibility to mobilize credits from their personal training account (CPF). And quickly profitable: whatever the field of activity, a lot of short programs allow you to develop a know-how that can be used in your company or easy to resell in your market. At the end of the day, significant increase in remuneration, often greater than 10%. You always aim straight.

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Above all, it is about identifying the transformations that are coming in their sector and anticipating the future needs in skills that result from them. An example? From 2024, all companies will have to comply with a new European directive on non-financial reporting, known as CSRD. “Tomorrow, the administrative and financial directors (DAF) will be responsible not only for the economic and financial performance of the company, but also for its ecological and social performance,” explains Makram Chemangui, head of Audencia Executive Education. The new CFOs should be chief value officers!

According to him, the shortage of profiles will be felt quickly and the best prepared will hit the jackpot. As during the transition to IFRS standards in 2005. “The financial directors that we have trained have seen their remuneration go from 950,000 to 155,000 euros”, recalls the expert.

Whatever the sector, becoming a data processing professional will certainly be profitable. “These skills are valued everywhere but especially well in banking/finance,” says Eric Vacheret, director of Ensae-Ensai Formazione Continua (Cepe). Once his data scientist certificate is in his pocket, an analyst can not only hope for a short-term salary increase, but also, and above all, very good career prospects. “You can change companies every two years without anyone finding anything to complain about,” continues the specialist, who estimates that a data scientist can now earn more than 100,000 euros a year.


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Failing to become a crack in the exploitation of data, think about strengthening your digital and technological skills (blockchain …). “Professionals in marketing, supply chain or finance who have not developed this knowledge risk losing ground,” insists Cécile Arragon, executive director of business development at HEC. Ditto for managers who are not trained in new leadership models to bring meaning to their company and employees’ jobs.

Beyond promising themes, aim for the chicest establishments. Especially if you want to change employers quickly. “The algorithms of job search sites identify recent training on CVs and especially identify the school logo, explains Emmanuel Stanislas, founder of the recruitment company Clémentine. We are in France: a passage, even short, in a great business school it gives another color to a question. And it is valued… Lucie Quach, for example, is sure of it. Choosing the continuous course of Polytechnique to follow a certificate in digital transformation strategy, this coach believes that she will be able to charge more for her consulting days: “Passing this school will play in the collective unconscious of my future clients, I believe. . They know the selection at the entrance of this type of establishment and the level of teaching.

If the return on investment of the X is really little in doubt, this is not the case for all training organizations. So, before you sign up for a course, research the job exit rate and the professional trajectories of former trainees. In short, check that you can make a profit.

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To finance a project, there are many ways. To manage only by mobilizing his CPF and, if the available amount is too low, supplement from his pocket. Ask your employer to supplement your CPF or your professional transition project (PTP). Or, finally, start a training action. In this case, the company finances the educational costs, but no longer remunerates the employee, whose employment contract is suspended. “To compensate for the loss of remuneration, he can absolutely request RTT days or holidays”, says Philippe Bernier, director and consultant of the Jualbe-Caraxo group. A party that will pay…

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