A bank launches a new 0-rate loan with a very specific condition

For several months, the real estate market is tight again. So much so that banks continue to raise credit rates. Thus, at the beginning of September, the new increase amounted to five points according to Empruntis, with an average percentage of 1.90% (1.75% in 15 years, 1.90% in 20 years and 2.05% in 25 years). So, if they tell you a loan at 0 rate, you risk jumping the chance. As revealed by Les Échos, it is about the new offer discreetly put in place by Crédit Agricole last spring, more precisely its Île-de-France branch. A “sustainable” real estate loan that is mainly part of the hunt for hot springs. Because this 0-rate loan is not for everyone. At least not at any kind of accommodation.

To benefit, you must buy an apartment (or house) classified in energy category A, B or C. A way to commit to the social and environmental cause, as explained to Les Echos, the marketing director and customers Crédit digital. Agricole IDF, Guy Poyen: “We wanted to encourage customers who have already chosen to invest in goods with low carbon emissions and low energy consumption.” This loan is subject to certain factors all the same. It is limited to 10% of the applicant’s funding, and within the limit of 50,000 euros. The figures that are explained by the average loan observed in the bank, highlights Guy Poyen with our colleagues. This is 300,000 euros. The document proving the energy class of the accommodation must also be attached to the sales agreement.

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Focus on sustainability

With such criteria, it is obvious that this 0-rate loan does not concern a large sample of the population of Ile-de-France, since as Capitale said in June, Ile-de-France is the department with the most thermal colanders. Seven municipalities feature in the ranking of the least isolated cities, including Paris (24%), Saint-Denis (22.3%) and Argenteuil (21.8%). Not to mention that the region also has the most expensive housing contract in France (Paris in the lead). In addition, a study by the Notaries of France, cited by Les Échos, reveals that only 26% of the transactions carried out in Ile-de-France were for homes classified in A, B or C.

According to information from our colleagues, between the month of April – when the loan was established – and the end of August, 524 loans of this type were granted, while the bank did not specifically advertise its product. The offer is still “distributed on all channels, in the agencies, via the e-immo site, via the partner brokers and also the promoters who transmit the information to their customers”, indicates Crédit Agricole, that wants to promote sustainable development. This offer could be emulated. La Banque Postale told Les Echos to reflect on “transforming [son] model in depth as [son] product offering”.


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