a boost rate of 3.5% on new deposits

HSBC bank is launching a back-to-school offer on its savings account, which allows you to take advantage of a promotional rate of 3.5% on new payments until November 30, 2022.

The HSBC Epargne savings account is a taxed bank account from the HSBC traditional bank, displaying a rate of return excluding the promotion of 0.10%. Accessible with a first payment of 10 euros, it is reserved for adults, resident or not in France. The minimum balance of the book to respect is also 10 euros. You must be a customer of the bank to be able to subscribe. One of the positive points of the Livret HSBC is its absence of ceiling, the savings deposits are therefore unlimited. However, it should be noted that the interest received on the Livret HSBC Epargne savings account is subject to income tax and social security contributions.

The terms of the offer

3.5% push fee applies new payments made until November 30, 2022, within the limit of 100,000 euros deposited. Once this ceiling has been exceeded, or beyond the cut-off date, payments are remunerated at the standard rate, i.e. 0.10%.

Open an HSBC savings account

To open a savings account and benefit from the enhanced rate, it is necessary hold an HSBC deposit account. Indeed, only payments made from this account are eligible. It should also be noted that the savings account must still be opened on January 1, 2023 to keep the advantage of these stimulated interests.

HSBC current account

The HSBC account can be taken à la carte, choosing exactly the services you need, or as part of an all-inclusive package, called HSBC Hexagone. The latter, whose minimum monthly fee is 8.35 euros, includes an account with a bank card (Visa Classic, Premier, Infinite or Gold Mastercard), insurance of means of payment, unlimited transactions of the day (transfers, withdrawn in euros… ), and an authorized overdraft of up to 3000 euros per month.

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HSBC customers have access to the expertise of a wealth bank, through a dedicated advisor, and benefit from one of the leading banking networks in the world. This offer also allows you to enjoy the advantages of an online bank thanks to the secure mobile application, from which the user will carry out his daily banking operations in a few clicks.

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