AMF certification module and sustainable finance: the AMF updates its instructions

The organization of the AMF examination and its sustainable finance module is governed by AMF instructions 2010-09 and 2021-03. These instructions specify, for each of the two exams, the certification conditions of the organizations requesting their organization, the rules of operation of the common exam bases and the program for each exam.

Rules for organizing remote exams

Due to the development of the organization of distance exam sessions by many certified training organizations, the AMF Council has decided to clarify some passages of the instruction to make the organization of the exam more robust remote and ensure that it is used in severe conditions. .

The rules that regulate the verification of the identity of the candidates before the exam, the remote monitoring of the candidates during the exam or the organizational procedures are specified to limit the risk of fraud during the exam.

Strengthen the requirements for training organizations that apply for certification

On this occasion, the rules for obtaining certification from training organizations requesting the organization of AMF exams have also been revised. Faced with the growing number of candidates for the organization of the exams, the AMF wanted to reaffirm its commitment to the educational quality of the organization’s training.

The AMF Council therefore decided, on the proposal of the Superior Market Certification Council, to strengthen its requirements.

Applicant organizations must now provide proof of a significant number of hours of training in the fields studied by each exam in the two years preceding their application and of a Qualiopi certification.[1] or retained as the obligation of quality certification.

They must also demonstrate that their training is adequate and covers all the knowledge and skills required by the AMF exam and its sustainable finance module, and that they have the appropriate means and technical skills. The training content and a description of the associated human and technical resources must be communicated in their application file.

Other changes to the device

Regarding the annual activity report presented by the certified organization, the AMF departments will now communicate the expected format, in order to facilitate the comparison between the different certified organizations.

In addition, all organizations already certified will be required to contribute to the enrichment of the common examination bases by sending a document that describes all the regulatory changes to be taken into account.

Finally, people with disabilities can now benefit from an extension of the duration of the exam, from an additional third round. They have to make the request by sending the organization the administrative recognition of their status.

AMF exam:

As of July 25, 2022, thirteen training bodies have been certified to organize the AMF examination under the provisions of articles 312-5, 318-9, 321-39 and 325-36 of the General Regulation of the AMF.

AMF Sustainable Finance Review:

Since its launch in early 2022, seven training bodies have been certified for the organization of the AMF Sustainable Finance exam in accordance with the provisions of articles 312-5, 318-9, 321-39 and 325-36 of the general regulation of the AMF. AMF. The list of certified organizations is available on the AMF website.

To remind you, this module, open to all, is particularly aimed at professionals who carry out the function of seller, who have to collect the preferences of their clients in terms of sustainable investment. It allows them to have a minimum knowledge base that demonstrates the acquisition of the main concepts related to the institutional and economic framework of sustainable finance. This module allows the acquisition of a reading grid of the products and the methodologies used to propose products adapted to the needs of customers.

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