Apprentice: the reduction of expenses will finally be limited for some training courses

After strong protests during the summer of apprenticeship training centers (CFA), the government has agreed to review, for certain apprenticeship training, its plan to reduce funding, the Ministry of Labor said on Wednesday 31 of August At the beginning of July, France Competences, the organization that manages the CFAs, announced an average drop of 5% in the levels of support for apprenticeship contracts. But, on some training courses, the drop in funding could reach up to 30%, according to CFA officials who had sounded the alarm and feared that they would not be able to open certain sections in September.

“The correction must be made on 275 of the 3,289 certifications (…) after checks carried out by France Skills at the request of professional branches and CFA networks” and “at the request” of the Ministers of Labor Olivier Dussopt and Professional Training. Carole Grandjean, said the ministry in a press release. “We were heard in the short term”, rejoiced with AFP Pascal Picault, president of the Federation of CFA directors (Fnadir). “This decision was made after a meeting on Monday with all the players and I think in the future the CFAs will be consulted more,” he said.


Alternation: because the Court of Auditors wants to end the exceptional aid for hiring apprentices

However, the reduction is not reported

Fnadir did not, however, win its case on the postponement of this reduction, which will apply to all apprenticeship contracts concluded from September 1 (or October for those that will be corrected) “while the budgets they are already established,” laments Pascal Picault. . Fnadir also remains opposed to the second 5% cut, currently scheduled for April 2023.

This decision was taken because the accounts of France Skills are in the red: the deficit, of 3.2 billion euros in 2021, could reach 5.9 billion in 2022, according to a report of the Court of Accounts of June, who was alarmed by “a financial impasse”. The main cause of this deficit is the funding reform combined with the explosion of young people entering apprenticeships, which has almost doubled in two years to reach a record level of 730,000 in 2021 and has allowed an increase in the rate of youth employment.


Apprenticeship: the drastic drop in funding is confirmed

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