BANCA D’AFRICA / launch of a training program in Zinder: 120 young people benefit from the training

The well-being of the population, the fight against youth unemployment, etc. are part of the BANK OF AFRICA, the social responsibility actions of the BOA Niger group. Indeed, this banking institution, through its foundation, carries out concrete actions in Niger for the benefit of the population, especially young people.

In this sense, 120 young people from the Zinder region will participate, this Thursday, September 15, 2022, at the MJC of Zinder in a training course, financed by the BOA Foundation through the Hub company. The purpose of this training is to provide inactive young people with the skills that will allow them to be adapted to the labor market in a context where the digital economy, financial, social and cultural inclusion, etc. offers many opportunities.
The inauguration of this training program was attended by many personalities such as the representative of the mayor, the president of the Zinder City Council, the regional coordinator of CIPMEN, the representatives of the BOA Foundation and those of Cabinet Hab , etc.

During this ceremony, the representative of the BOA Foundation, Mr. Modibo Traoré, stated that the BANK OF AFRICA GROUP has been committed since 1995 through its foundations to the populations of the countries in which it is established to improve conditions of country life. more vulnerable and contribute to local development.

Indeed, the actions of the BANCA D’AFRICA Foundations fall within the fields of Education and Health to aim at several objectives including improving access to knowledge and training; provide marginalized populations with quality education oriented to the future and in good conditions; reduce inequality between men and women in terms of access to health and education; improve access to care; encourage disease prevention and health education; assist the needy sick, etc.

“Last year, we had the commitment to support the project to accelerate the digital inclusion of young people in the Zinder region in general and that of women and girls in particular. The honor is for me in this solemn day, in my capacity as representative of the president of the Bank of Africa Niger Foundation, to formalize the launch of the said project that aims to equip inactive youth with the skills they need in the labor market. . work of today and tomorrow,” said Mr. Modibo Traoré.

Through this program, these young people from the Zinder region will benefit from a comprehensive training, spread over six (6) weeks, combining theoretical workshops and professional practices through modules to strengthen digital skills, a toolbox for digital skills; integrated workshops on employability (CV writing, life skills, etc.).

The first two weeks are intended for theoretical training. The four (4) weeks will be dedicated to professional internships in Skills Coaching for Industry (fourth industrial revolution); business English courses; mentorship program after training, etc.

At the end of this training, the participants will each benefit from a kit consisting of a daily cash allowance to support their basic daily needs during the 42 days of the training cycle; a certificate of participation in the training, etc.

The representative of the Mayor, president of the Zinder City Council thanked the officials of the BOA Foundation and all the actors of the BOA Group for choosing the Zinder region for this program. This commendable initiative for young people comes at the right time, believes the representative of the mayor, president of the municipal council of Zinder, because this youth, spearhead of the development of our communities, cannot ensure this future mission without being trained and accompanied. “We want to thank the officials of the BOA Foundation who were willing to bet on our region,” indicated the representative of the mayor, president of the municipal council of Zinder.

The young beneficiaries welcomed the initiative!

Through this training program, the BOA Niger foundation offers opportunities to young people to get out of the turmoil related to unemployment. Thus, the beneficiaries of this program welcomed the initiative. Miss Oubeiyda Hamissou, 18 years old, participates in this training. She wants to realize her dreams through this training session. “Thank you very much to those who started and accompanied this program. You will acquire the skills to have a decent job,” he says.

Very moved to participate in this training Mahamane I. Hamissou, another young beneficiary of this program, believes that this program will allow him to be more useful for his community, because a particular emphasis will be placed on strengthening digital skills. “I am very happy to participate in this program. This training will allow me to undertake and be independent, maybe even help others in the future. Thanks to the BOA Foundation and the Hal firm for the support,” greeted the young Mahamane I. Hamissou.

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