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A few decades ago, we could consider that “the banker was at the service of his client”. Since then, things have changed a lot: the not always prudent investments recommended before the all-too-famous crisis of 2008, the turnover of bankers themselves, the dematerialization of society that changes the relationship between the client and his banker and push banks online without. human contact…

Should we be concerned about this situation? No, because this situation will at least have the merit of creating a new market in the world of finance and allowing new actors, young and dynamic, to rush into this breach, with a view to making one that was no longer secured. – improve on the road.

This is how the financial advisor entered the digital age and was able to adapt to the needs of savers. The platform developed by Neofa is an excellent example.

Neofa, the platform for independent financial advisors

A promising young start-up, Neofa is a dynamic company born in 2020 under the leadership of Alain Broyon and Nicolas Delorme, its two happy co-founders. The idea of ​​the company was to develop and put online a digital platform on which hand-picked independent financial advisors could be put in touch with the most demanding savers, eager to grow their savings through the best available investments according to their means and their situation. In a few months, more than 2,500 savers have already found what they are looking for.

This innovative concept makes it possible to democratize access to quality financial advice, which has no reason to be reserved for a handful of portfolios entrusted to large banks whose names cause billions of euros or dollars to tinge lightning ears.

The platform developed by the brand offers a solution to be accompanied by independent advisors. Finding a qualified wealth management advisor quickly has never been easier, thanks to an algorithm and selection criteria that facilitate searches. Phone calls, video conferences or written exchanges: obviously, everything is there. Thanks to these support tools, NEOFA allows the counselor and the rescuer to have a place to discuss, communicate and work in complete confidence.

An unprecedented response to investment needs

You have (no doubt) experienced it yourself. If in the past the bankers were (often) unstoppable, this is no longer the case. Now it’s a waltz in the bank branches, a real game of musical chairs. In some brands, the first confinement of 2020 was managed very badly, so that customers are on the ground for their files, both loans and investments. For the 0 rate of responsibility, we were served…!

At the same time, traditional savings offers, whether or not supervised by the State or by the European financial authorities, only offer very low yields. Interest rates are still falling and, compared to the annual inflation of the money supply, the remuneration is also negative. Everyone will be able to realize this after a quick calculation…

The financial crisis of 2008, which seems to have never ended in France and will have to return with the slowdown of activity due to the management of the Covid-19 and its variants, has instilled a certain pusillanimity in many French banks. There, as elsewhere, risk-taking or – simply – inventiveness and originality no longer exist. The bank looks after its own interest, regardless of that of its client. But what is the use of immobilizing money without growing? Not only would we not benefit from it, but it would also erode in terms of purchasing power…

It is precisely this vicious circle that one of the founders of Neofa, Nicolas Delorme, has identified and tried to fight: “We have all experienced that moment when we need financial advice, whether to optimize our tax system, prepare for our retirement, or simply invest in financial or real estate investments to build our wealth. First reflex: we call our bank and the our banker. Unfortunately, most of the time he does not answer, or he is not the same, or he tries to sell us a product that has nothing to do with our needs just because it is in his objectives for the month… Results: lack of confidence and frustration. So we abandon the idea of ​​receiving advice and end up losing money.”

How much does counseling cost?

The financial advice that can be obtained from specialists and experts through the platform covers all areas of finance. Pensions, real estate, taxation, financial investments and others are on the agenda, prices start from €25 per month for a fixed subscription and €150 for one-off advice, very reasonable. Thus, finished the old billing system where, the more money we had to invest, the more we paid!

The result? The provision of quality, advice and tailor-made services for every saver looking for the solution(s) best suited to their needs.

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