Because the finances of the RN, despite its 89 deputies, are still in the red



Marine Le Pen photographed at the National Assembly (illustration)

POLITICS – The Rassemblement has (yet) not finished with its money problems. So much so that, second The Parisian and RTL, the far-right party is preparing to repeat its “great national loan” with its members to bring money into the machine, as during the 2019 European elections.

In other words, ask individuals to lend money to the party over one, two or three years against 5% interest. With a minimum participation set at 500 euros. Clearly, whoever lends 1,000 euros in a year will reap, at the end, a profit of 50 euros.

But because of the training of Marine Le Pen we need to ask for the generosity of the French, after the jackpot linked to their success in the legislative elections, which we need to provide 7 million euros per year, or 35 million euros in 2027? According to RTL and The Parisianthe far-right party, in debt to 23 million euros, must wait longer than expected to collect its due.

The most improper party in France

Usually paid in February, the date was postponed this year, since the election office of the Ministry of the Interior has to recalculate the funding allocated to each party. “, Details RTL, which specifies that this payment can only be made once the campaign accounts of each candidate have been validated and any disputes resolved.

Hence a “hole” estimated at 3 million that the RN wants to close to hold until the date of the first payment. Something to remember the deep financial difficulties of the far-right party, which had to make economic layoffs in January 2021 to repay the debts, which then amounted to 24 million euros.

A worrisome financial situation that makes the Lepenista formation the “most indecent political movement in France”, underlined recently. Capital. Second The Parisian and RTL, this “great national loan” or “patriotic loan” should be launched at the beginning of October.

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