Become a credit analyst: salary, skills and training

Skills of a credit analyst

Before lending money, a bank or credit institution relies on the financial analysis carried out by a credit analyst. This risk assessment professional sifts through all the guarantees that can be given by an individual or a company that is requesting a loan. As for the individual client, it is his income, his ability to contribute, his debt, which will be studied in particular. For companies, the financial analysis will be based on the budgets, the analysis of the activity sector (economic situation for example) and its trends. The objective of the analysis is to assess the solvency of the applicant, that is to say, his ability to repay. The credit analyst is not in direct contact with customers, but responsible for studying the technical aspect of the credit request file. In large groups, it can be specialized by business sector, type of customer or type of loan.

Many skills are expected in this job: mastery of banking rules, mastery of financial analysis techniques, accounting. The financial analyst must know the different banking products, know the companies and the sectors of activity. A certain number of behavioral skills are expected, such as rigor, a spirit of synthesis and analysis, organizational and relational quality. Proficiency with computers and certain banking software is essential. Knowledge of English may be required if the analyst operates in an international context.

Training to become a credit analyst

Financial analysts have higher education, bac + 5, in courses related to finance. The initial training can be, for example, the Grande Ecole course at a business school, with a specialty in finance, a diploma from the Institute of Political Studies, a university master’s degree in finance, or a master’s degree in currency, banking, finance . , insurance..

Credit Analyst Salary

The remuneration of financial analysts starts at around 30,000 gross euros per year.

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