Charles III, is he as green as he says?

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The ecology of King Charles III
Since the 1980s, the son of Queen Elizabeth II has continued to launch projects in favor of the environment.

Queen Elizabeth’s son did not never hides his passion for the environment and this, from the 80s. Sometimes judged as an eccentricsometimes as “aristo” for his statements in favor of naturewe know now: it was a pioneer in this field. It was defender of the environmental cause long before his time.

What does he have? it’s worth a lot of jokes at a time when the climate crisis made many laugh. In 1985, Charles III decided to do it create a completely organic farm in his farms on the Highgrove estate. At the time, this initiative struck a chord with the public and in the press describing him as “aristo fad”.

Resolutely ecological, the prince continues to defend the environment in his own way without taking into account the judgments. In the 90s, launched its own brand of organic products for major retailers: Duchy Originals. The brand is now England’s largest organic food brandas revealed by FranceTVInfo.

Lover of alternative medicine and passionate about sustainable urban planning – as described by BFMTV – Charles III loves gardening and being surrounded by nature. Again the young prince was mocked, nicknamed “the prince of potatoes” or “the prince who talked to plants”. Now it is nicknamed by some media: “Charles-le-Vert” thanks to its commitment to the climate.

It is clear, the new king publishes its “ecological footprint” since 2007. In 2020, its total carbon footprint is 3,133 tons of CO2 compared to 5,070 in 2019. His commitment does not stop there. face build a model eco-village in Poundburyin the south of England.

He does not hesitate to express himself publicly, notably at COP21 during the Paris Agreement in 2015, for to denounce the “mistreatment that we [la nature] inflicted”. And more recently, in 2021, he launched a whole new television channel entirely dedicated to the environment. This commitment made for more than 40 years will it continue during his reign?

The new king of England appears ready to continue his fight for the environment including during his reign. unfortunately, his duties forbid him to create an environmentalist party in the government. But he is sure he will do his best political “influence” – including the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss – to think more about the climate.

On the other hand, he takes the lead of the United Kingdom and also of the Commonwealthwhere we find: Australia, Vanuatu, Mauritius, Pakistan … These countries are the ones that know the the most direct and extremely violent consequences of global warming. If he wants, Charles III, by virtue of his new status, can advocate for climate action with many heads of state.

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