Citizen control of public action, an instrument of good governance (Expert)

Abidjan- Citizen control of public action (CCAP) is a tool for good governance and democracy, said Tuesday, September 13, 2022 in Abidjan, a public finance consultant.

Dr. Signo Kouassi Simon participated in a capacity-building workshop for journalists and radio hosts on issues of economics and public financial management, organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the NGO Action for the Protection of Human Rights (APDH).

Citizen control of public action consists in the participation of the population and the citizen in public governance, he said, believing that one cannot speak of financial democracy if citizen control is not included. “Those who speak of financial democracy speak of good governance,” insisted Mr. Signo.

Good governance, he added, appeals to the idea of ​​transparency, clarity, admissibility, rational management of resources, etc.

There is therefore a close link between citizen control of public action and good governance.

The CCAP therefore aims to strengthen the capacities of the population to participate in the management of public affairs, to oblige the decision-makers (both at the central and local level) to be responsible.

It also aims to improve the programs of local authorities, thanks to a more rational use of resources and a better identification of needs and priorities, the expert pointed out.

According to him, this control can take many forms. Among others, participatory budgeting, which involves the involvement of residents in the elaboration of the city or municipality budget, the survey, the implementation of discussion frameworks, monitoring and evaluation participation and defense.

The media has an essential role in popularizing citizen control for a society that wants to be democratic, said Mr. Signo who called on journalists to seek financial and budget information, to use legal remedies such as the Commission of access to information of the public. interest (CAIDP) and to disclose this information received in accordance with the legislation.

A good dissemination of this information allows journalists to contribute to the promotion of the CCAP, one of the fundamental pillars essential for the success of local governance, he noted.

This vision of promoting citizen control, supported by the KAS foundation and the NGO APDH, encouraged the implementation of the initiative “Public finances, our concern for all”, which aims to strengthen the mechanisms of transparency, eligibility and participation of citizens in the country. management of public finances.



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