Community of Montfort. An agreement in favor of local trade

The initiative launched in March 2017, by the community of Montfort (Ille-et-Vilaine), to create a commercial office and especially the territorial brand Pourpre & Boutik, continues to evolve. Fifty years after its creation, the association Pourpre & Boutik counts 105 shops in all the municipalities of the intercommunity, which offers a range of tools to strengthen the sale of local shops.

“Encouraging commercial development in the city center”

It is composed of merchants, elected officials and representatives of the two consular chambers. In 2016, Montfort Community launched a whole arsenal of actions in favor of commerce to encourage commercial development in the city center and limit it in the suburbs, informs the president of the intercommunality, Christophe Martins. It is also a question of financial support, notably the craft pass co-financed by the Brittany Region or a trade office dedicated to supporting traders.

A business manager

To implement its policy, the community of municipalities had also recruited a sales manager. On Tuesday, a new step was taken, with the signing of an agreement that thus seals the common partnership of Montfort with the association Office de commerce Pourpre & Boutik. The manager will also continue his mission with the association, since the agreement still foresees his availability up to one hundred hours a year in exchange for the reimbursement of his salary. The time was calculated according to the missions to be accomplished: the management of local gift vouchers, digital tools, communication and all the administrative support of the association, explains Fabrice Dalino, vice president in charge of economic development in the Montfort community.

Through this agreement, the intermunicipality also undertakes to support emerging specific projects of the association Pourpre & Boutik, to lend the equipment and premises necessary for their operation. In turn, it must continue its activity by ensuring its financial autonomy, putting in place a policy of training traders and developing new communication tools. The start of projects in favor of the environment is also planned, an area of ​​increasing importance for the community, which is engaged in a Climate, Air and Energy Plan and in numerous projects on food or mobility.

contact : Laurent Michel, sales manager: 02 99 09 88 10 or

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