Company performance and financial management

You have just embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. Or do you have a few years of experience and are looking to stay competitive, to grow your business? Whatever the stage of implementation of your business, good financial management is a key to success.

In a fluctuating and competitive global environment, your eyes must be fixed on one goal: to be and be competitive. To achieve this, control costs it is essential. Teacher u break even. You know and limit fixed costs. manage and stick to the budget, Optimizing sales, purchases and supplies, increase margins … on all these subjects, CCI Formazione supports you and your employees. At stake: the performance and financial security of your business.

42 training courses to optimize the management of your business

At CCI Training, no less than 42 courses are offered on the topics of management, accounting and taxation. Consultants are on hand to build with your training project the most relevant according to the need, the level of knowledge and finally the budget.

Individually or collectively, inter or intra, complete cycle, learn the basics or deepen, everything is possible with mecustomized offer.

To optimize the financial management of the company, CCI Formation offers four complete cycles lasts from 7 to 10 days:

  1. accounting cycle beginner,
  2. accounting cycle advanced,
  3. cycle taxation,
  4. cycle management

After a cycle it guarantees the acquisition of all the knowledge and expertise in the field for greater productivity and efficiency.

Thematic training courses of 1, 2 or 3 days

You and your employees can also opt for thematic training courses of 1, 2 or 3 days to acquire the basics or build expertise. Some examples of training offered by CCI Formation:

  • Introduction to corporate taxation : this training focused on the calculation of tax and corporate tax (IS) allows you to understand the tax mechanisms for calculating and optimize the fiscal result of the company.
  • Manage and track costs : in this training, the participants will learn to manage and control all costs of the company (cost, sales and internal services), essential to practice competitive sales prices.
  • Plan and manage your cash flow : cash is the money available to the company for its day-to-day management. Indispensable in case of a hard blow, it should not be overestimated. This tutorial explains how properly assess your needs of cash, finance them and invest the surpluses.
  • Establish and monitor budgets : the budget is the financial translation of the company’s strategy, the essential compass for its management. At the end of this training, participants will know how to set up a budget process, develop a budget, follow through, declineanalyze and adapt.
  • And many others formation yet to be discovered on the consolidation of accounts, customer risk, financial analysis, management control or the choice of investments.

What do all the training courses offered by CCI Formazione have in common? I know pedagogical line, Act & Learn. The programs are continuously updated and guided by professionals in the field. Rhythmic and varied, the Sessions 100% operational alternative contribution of theoretical knowledge, scenarios, original and impressive activities, practical cases, sharing of experiences. A password: interactivity.

To go further, employees who have followed a complete training course and/or who have acquired skills in a professional situation can take the Certificate of Business Competence (CCE) “Contribute to Business Management”. Recognized system, attests to the mastery of transversal skills and enhances the professional career.

In addition, Formazione CCI offers financial management programs adapted to your level of expertise:

CCI training supports talent

With its catalog of 450 training courses, CCI supports your talents and those of your employees.

In terms of training, the employer has two links : adapt employees to their workstation and maintain employees’ ability to do their jobs. Training related to safety at work for employees and the protection of their health is also mandatory.

Companies are strongly encouraged to go further. The training is a performance guarantee for the company and a source of motivation and internal loyalty. The training of you or your employees means:

  • Contribute to control the payroll and salary costs: thanks to training, you can adapt the positions and skills of your employees according to the evolution of the market, without recruiting new employees.
  • Boost your business thanks to the experienced and efficient employees.
  • Support career development in the company by offering motivating career paths and offering retraining.
  • Value your employees having his certified professional experience.

Established in 2019 to replace the Training Plan, the Skill development plan it lists all the training courses decided by the company for its employees. CCI training supports you in its implementation.

Short, long, certification or diploma courses, from beginners to experts, a varied and complete offer to suit all requirements. Since 1966, we have gained a long experience in training, constantly innovating with our 350 trainers to adapt our contents to changes in the trades.

Attached to the CCI France network, CCI Formation is at your disposal to build a pragmatic and effective training project, at the heart of your professional and business practices. Counselors welcome in the 3 sites of Lyon, Roanne or Saint-Étienne for closer proximity, by phone or email. Inter-company to promote the sharing of experiences or intra-company to adapt the content to your challenges, a la carte or tailored, together we create training courses that suit you.

Ten main fields of expertise:

  1. Manager of people and projects
  2. Communicate, collaborate, train
  3. Digital, web marketing, digital
  4. Office tools
  5. Foreign languages
  6. Human problems, human resources
  7. Economic and financial performance
  8. Commercial performance
  9. Entrepreneurial excellence
  10. International trade, import/export

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