Coronavirus: Moderna CEO says ready to supply vaccines to China

Stock photo illustration showing syringes in front of the Moderna logo

TOKYO (Reuters) – Moderna has discussed with the Chinese government about the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, but no decision has been made, its chief executive, Stephane Bancel, told Reuters on Wednesday.

As the rest of the world gradually lifts COVID-19 restrictions, China continues to tighten containment measures at home and conduct mass testing to eradicate the virus.

Beijing has so far not approved any foreign vaccine to fight against COVID-19 and relies on several domestically developed vaccines.

“We are open, we have the capacity,” Stéphane Bancel told Reuters on the sidelines of a Tokyo press conference on the supply of its messenger RNA vaccines to China, declining to say whether Moderna had submitted its vaccine for approval in that country.

A spokesman for Moderna said that these discussions took place in the past and could not say whether they are still ongoing.

The pharmaceutical company also plans to build facilities in Japan, where its booster dose against the Omicron variant was approved on Monday, to manufacture products derived from mRNA, its chief executive added from Tokyo.

(Reporting by Rocky Swift; French version by Alizée Degorce, editing by Kate Entringer)

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