DRC: IGF educates CONPAAP members on the importance of financial patrol

The Inspector General of Finance, Jules Alingete, spoke this Wednesday, September 14, with the National Coordination for the Support of the Actions of the President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi (CONPAAP), about the importance of the financial patrol who leads the IGF against the predators of public finances. It was in the framework of citizen exchanges led by the IGF.

A meeting that Jules Alingete considers a necessity to invite the members of this structure to invest more in the fight against the embezzlement of public funds.

“For us, today, when we received the coordination of national support for the actions of the Head of State, it was a pride to tell them, first of all, the observation that the President of the Republic had made in his time on the state of corruption in our society and the measures that he communicated to the IGF. This is a call to invest deeply in the fight against values. And we believe that they, in turn, will engage in this very important fight that conditions. the future development of our country,” said Jules Alingete.

CONPAAP will hold a training session for its members from the diaspora and the country to raise their awareness of the support for the actions of President Tshisekedi, especially the fight against corruption.

“It is so during the 4 days of our training, we are happy to have obtained the grace that the inspector general accepted to open this symposium with us, today we are very convinced that our delegates from the diaspora and from the interior of the country. , Leave, after our training, regalairdis and very enriched because its purpose is to accompany the Head of State in his vision. The IGF leads to a job of accompanying precisely the vision of the president of the Republic,” said Serge Kayembe. president of this structure.

It should be noted that the IGF checks and controls all financial operations of the State, decentralized administrative entities, public establishments and parastatal bodies, as well as bodies or companies of any kind that benefit from the ‘financial assistance from the State, decentralized administrative entities and public establishments. or parastatal bodies in the form of capital participation, subsidy, loan, advance or guarantee.

Ivan Kasongo

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