Eco-designed mats and accessories to practice yoga without worries

In recent years, Yoga has attracted more and more followers, convinced by the values ​​of respect for others and non-violence transmitted by this practice. Only, there is a catch… Most of the necessary equipment comes from the other side of the world and is made from plastic derivatives. So, to remedy this and be in line with their values, Ondine Martinez and Johanna Stauffer they created Yogamatata, a brand of Yoga accessories made from recycled and natural materials. The discovery!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Ondine, I created Yogamatata in 2018, after leaving my job as a communications clerk for a small company. I quickly borrowed from my friend and partner Johanna, whom I had met a few years earlier while growing a vegetable garden together in the suburbs of Paris (crazy, but true!). Johanna was a computer scientist. None of us had studied commerce or business management: we learned everything on the job! We are great leaders and we love challenges!

In effect, we completely own and run the business together. We have no other shareholders and no bank loans. Our goal is to stay 100% free in our decisionseven if it is a difficult and completely counter-current entrepreneurial path!

Photo: Yogamatata – Delphine Joly: Ondine Martinez and Johanna Stauffer

Can you introduce us to Yogamatata?

I am a yogamatata yoga props that he put in adapt yoga values (benevolence, non-violence) and the material used during practice. For this, we use natural materials, produce locally whenever possible, and ensure that the confection is done ethically.

We are in a perpetual search for improvement : we look for better materials, more and more eco-responsible, local and sustainable, and we try to produce more and more close to… it’s our engine from day one. We know that our products will never be eco-responsible, ethical or sustainable enough, but these are the objectives that guide all our choices, and that are and will be our priority!

Our core business is cork and natural rubber yoga mat. Our greatest pride is the recycled yoga mat made 100% in Portugal from recycled cork and recycled natural rubber. We also have conception yoga bricks (made of cork, in Portugal), and also yoga bags and straps (made with organic cotton, in India in a fair trade workshop). We have expanded our offer to a range of organic herbal teas made in France, but also organic soaps cold saponified and made in Paris!

Photo: Yogamatata – Delphine Joly

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

When I created Yogamatata in 2018, I he practiced yoga with passion and I was already a lot committed to a responsible consumption approach. I also had a blog on the subject, which is still active: elogedelacuriosite! In my search for a more responsible yoga mat, I have in reality: the Yoga mats are basically designed for from different plastics and/or in Asia, in completely dark conditions. So I got into my head to do better, and one thing leads to another, Yogamatata became a business and a life project!

What message do you want to convey through Yogamatata?

We can be a womanhave never learned to create or manage a business, do not come from an affluent social background (which facilitates many paths), and want to tackle a professional sector full of bad practices, with a view to bringing about changes in accordance with their values. It can work! She’s crazy.

I hope the adventure of Yogamatata does not only inspire people who practice yoga to think about their purchases in connection with this practice, as we have already done more and more for food, cosmetics, clothes…, and it will also inspire women to embark on entrepreneurship !

You want to do yours more responsible yoga practice ? Visit the Yogamatata site to discover the mats and bricks made of natural materialsand also the other products of the brand.

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