Eco-renovation – Energy renovation: the loan anticipates renovation, repayable on the sale or transfer of the home

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To support the renovation of the energy cuts, the advance renovation loan allows the deferred repayment, during the sale of the house or its transmission by heirs. It supplements the cost of the work that is not covered by the eco-renovation aid (MaPrimeRénov’ for the principal) and is intended for owners with modest incomes.

Inspired by advance loan transferu advance renovation loan (PAR) is reserved for work aimed at reducing energy consumption (insulation, heating). This loan is for low income homeowners. It is accompanied by a guarantee fund intended to encourage banks to offer it to these customers who are generally excluded from access to credit.

This loan completes the part of the cost of the work that is not covered by the aid (MaPrimeRénov’, premiums for energy saving certificates, local aid, eco-loan to 0VAT to 5.5%) the financing of the renovation of thermal cuts, i.e. houses classified F or G in the diagnosis of energy performance.

This loan, whose amount is freely agreed by the bank according to several parameters (age of the loan, value of the property in particular), allows you to do the work without advancing your burden, even partially, nor at the beginning. nor later: the repayment, capital and/or interest, is deferred when the property is sold, or when it is passed to a succession.

Banks that market PAR currently offer it at a rate of 2%. This loan is accompanied by a mortgage on the housing concerned, supplemented by a state guarantee in the amount of 75% the amount of the credit, in case the value of the property does not cover.

  • €19,565 for one person (€25,714 in Ile-de-France);
  • €28,614 euro for a couple (€37,739 in Ile-de-France);
  • €40,201 for a family of four (€52,925 in Ile-de-France).

The amount taken into account is the reference tax income, shown at the top left of the cover page of the tax notice.

At the moment, only Crédit Mutuel and Banca Postale offer the advance renewal loan. Crédit Mutuel sets a maximum amount of 30,000 euros for this loan; the ceiling of the loan offered by Banca Postale is established in particular according to the age of the borrower and the estimated value of the property.

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