Employment and disability – Aid for people with disabilities increased by 5%

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To cope with the increase in prices that reached 5.9% in one year, in August 2022, and to support the purchasing power of people with disabilities, the financial aid paid by the professional integration organizations of people with disabilities are upgraded by 5% on average. from 1er September 2022. This update should make it possible to ensure the continuous work, professional career and professional integration of people with disabilities.

The management association of the Fund for the professional integration of disabled people (Agefiph), for the private sector, and the Fund for the integration of disabled people in the public service (FIPHFP), for the public sector, they decided to increase their finance. help by 5% on average. This revaluation is effective from 1er September 2022.

What are the aids for the professional integration of people with disabilities?

Assistance on the way to work has increased by 6%, from €500 to €530 (maximum amount). This aid is intended to cover expenses incurred in the course of work: travel, clothing expenses, accommodation, catering or purchase of training material.

All people with disabilities and financial insecurity engaged in a process of professional integration can benefit from this help which is prescribed by a counselor of Pôle emploi, Cap emploi or of the local mission.

Assistance at the start of businesses increases by 5% from €6,000 to €6,300 (lump sum). This aid contributes to the financing of the project to create or take over a business by a person with disabilities. You must have leader status to benefit from it and send a request to your regional Agefiph delegation.

hearing aids increases by 6.3%, goes from €800 to €850 for one ear and from €1,600 to €1,700 for two ears (maximum amount). To take advantage of this, you must be engaged in a professional career or a career path and file with Agefiph or Fiphfp.

Travel assistance increases by 5.3%, from €11,400 to €12,000 (maximum amount). It is a financial contribution to travel costs for home-work trips: suitable equipment on an individual vehicle, accommodation of a third party’s vehicle that accompanies him, taxi expenses, etc.

Training support as part of Inclu’Pro Formation increases by 5%, from €600 to €630 (package). This aid is intended to remove financial barriers to access to training. Any job seeker, employee, self-employed, farmer entering the training offer Including ‘Pro Training of the Agefiph can benefit from this help, the request is made by the training organization.

Human aid in compensation of the handicap increases by 5%, from €4000 to €4200 (ceiling). It is intended to compensate the handicap thanks to human means and to favor the autonomy of a handicapped person in his professional career.

Technical assistance in disability compensation increases by 5%, from €5,000 to €5,250 (ceiling). This aid makes it possible to finance technical means favoring professional autonomy: prostheses, wheelchairs, etc.

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