Éric Brassard bows

The results were here. According to figures published by the management of this 65-employee firm, BGY, Integrated Financial Services had $1.5 billion under administration as of October 22.

CPA, the “most important” title.

Officially, Éric Brassard has three titles: Investment Advisor with BGY, Integrated Financial Services with iA Private Wealth Management, and Financial Planner and Financial Security Advisor with BGY, Integrated Financial Services. But the one who cares more is CPA. “The CPA designation is the most important,” he points out.

“Planning is fiscal,” he explains, referring to BGY’s clientele, which largely consists of entrepreneurs or individuals with companies and trusts. “We don’t replace our clients’ accountants. You have to be credible in their eyes,” he adds.

Taxation, continues Éric Brassard, is increasingly complex. “Following the evolution of the sector is a full-time task. We constantly face complexity,” he says.

business development

Great trainer before the Lord, Éric Brassard has given, throughout his career, hundreds and hundreds of specialized courses and conferences to professionals in the consulting industry. For example, the course Life insurance: concepts, myths and decision-making, given in collaboration with the Ordre des CPA du Québec, has held up well for more than fifteen years.

“I have always loved teaching. This activity has also greatly promoted the notoriety of the company, most of our clients have been referred by accountants, tax specialists and lawyers who have attended these courses. And as I like to say, if you want to master a subject, commit to giving a lecture! says Eric Brassard.

In fact, he says, “we’ve never done our business development on golf courses.”

The future

How does Éric Brassard foresee his retirement, which officially begins on January 1, 2022?

“I will not work part-time. I will pass. I will be busy without being worried,” he says without elaborating on the subject.

Given his experience as an author, are you planning to write a new book? “It is not in my plans, because then I would have to dedicate myself to it almost full time”, replies Éric Brassard.

And if you had one piece of advice for young people interested in a career in wealth management, what would it be? “It would be to work at least two or three years in an office of accountants or tax experts. You don’t learn taxes in a financial planning company. And you have to speak the same language as an entrepreneur!” he says.

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