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This exhibition tells the story of women, men and children from Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Americas and sometimes Europe, exposed in the West and elsewhere, in circuses, cabarets, fairs, zoos, itinerant countries or important reconstructions in universal and colonial exhibitions. .

Europe, America and Japan, for almost five centuries (1490-1960), will show them as the so-called “savages”. It is a huge “show” with its extras, its scenographers, its impresarios, its dramas and its stories.

It is also a forgotten story, at the crossroads of colonial history, science, racism and the world of entertainment and universal exhibitions… The West recruits new troops, families or artists from the whole world, some by force, most of the contract.

The display of human groups on such a scale remains a specific practice for Westerners and colonial nations. It contributes to legitimize the hierarchy between men according to their skin color and still produces its effects in the present.

Local, a “black village” is organized in the Angers exhibition from May 6 to September 9, 1906, at the same time as the colonial exhibitions in Marseille and Paris.

90 natives, who came from Senegal by boat, staying in small huts, recreate the life of an African country with its festivals and entertainment.

This exhibition explains how prejudices are installed in our current society. It allows us to understand and deconstruct these clichés, so that the color of the skin and the culture of man is no longer, tomorrow, a reason for rejection or discrimination.


  • 21 digitally printed canvases
  • educational brochure

Target audience: All from 13 years

Theme: History of colonization, racism and human exhibitions

Author: the Association for the Knowledge of the History of Contemporary Africa (ACHAC)

Year : 2011

Technical characteristics : :

  • 21 tarpaulins (80×200 cm)
  • support: 2 upper and lower clipping rails with mast and stabilizing feet
  • transport box (H97 x W61 x D39.5 cm – 7.83 kg when empty)

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