Expat: can you get a loan from France?

If the expatriate status evokes for many a level and a privileged way of life, foreign banks are often more cautious when it comes to granting their trust. Difficult in these conditions to obtain a loan, except from France. Provided you know where and how to look.

Why take a loan from France?

The conditions for obtaining credit are generally based on financial, professional and geographical stability, as well as common guarantees. Most often, especially outside the euro zone, foreign banks do not grant loans to foreigners. And this, even if they are residents and express the desire to invest in the country where they are established. This is a precaution to prevent difficulties, costs and collection fees that would arise if the contractor decides to return home or go abroad again without paying.

Even with a good standard of living and the use of branches of French banks abroad, it is unlikely that you will succeed, and even less at a favorable rate. The risks involved, the cost of conversion between currencies other than the euro, the economic or political instability of the host country cannot offer the necessary security to establish a relationship of trust that allows everyone to recover the invested participation . Finally, use of foreign credit from France does not present more interest, but exposes you to repay more.

How to find the credit you need?

The wisest solution is to take a loan from a bank established in France. Especially since, if the cost of living is high enough here, as you know it as an expat, the interest rates here remain very low. Opt preferably for an establishment whose services are dematerialized and offer facilities abroad as now do the neo-banks. The administrative limits are reduced and taken care of, especially if you are in salary portage, and all the steps can be done thanks to a credit simulator hosted by France.

Free, reliable and without commitment, the credit simulator helps you find and obtain the most suitable loan for your situation by taking advantage of all these advantages combined in a single site. In the form of an optimized and responsive calculator accessible via your computer, smartphone or tablet, this innovative online tool is simple, fast and available anytime and anywhere. Indicate the desired amount (between 500 and 15,000 €), the purpose of your project, the spread of monthly payments (from 88 to 438 € from 6 to 36 months) and compare the answers obtained.

Choose wisely and subscribe with confidence

Instead of chasing the brokers of your host country hoping to find the right one, if you calmly compare, installed from where you are, the loans that are offered to you from France. Once you have become aware of your loan capacity and take note of the few proposals made to you, choose the one whose terms suit you best. The annual percentage rate of charge (TAE) and the loan rate are indicated and their meaning defined at the same time as that of the personal loan affected or not.

In exchange, you get an immediate agreement in principle aimed at financing the project whose nature you have specified (vehicles, events, entertainment, consumer credit or cash). You can also combine this help with one of the revolving credits and express financing available, without having to justify the use, in less than 48 hours. Giving priority to your project according to your borrowing capacity, the simulator is based on objective elements to grant the advantages that your expatriate situation gives you without submitting to the disadvantages.

With the ambition to become the European leader in payment solutions in Europe, FLOA offers products, loans and international cards, compatible with your expatriate status under privileged conditions with extended guarantees. Once voted customer service of the year, their service offer includes guides and a 24-hour hotline, which is very practical when you live and work in jet lag. An additional way to affirm their desire to open the loan to new horizons.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

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