Extra-financial rating, proof of companies’ CSR commitment

Today, companies feel concerned about the environmental and social upheavals affecting the planet. The postal sector first of all: every year for four years, the “Green Postal Day” is a reminder of the mobilization and work in synergy of the 18 postal operators from all over the world united in the IPC (International Post Corporation ). ). For the La Poste group, this commitment is reflected in its RSI (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, which corresponds to all the social, economic and environmental initiatives that promote sustainable development issues. A policy highlighted by extra-financial ratings, which aim to evaluate the social and environmental behavior of companies through ESG (Environmental, social, governance) criteria.

Faced with the multiple social and environmental challenges accentuated by the Covid-19 crisis, French companies have definitely understood that they have a duty to act. That is why a large majority of them think that CSR is essential today to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

Remember, a company that practices CSR will organize itself in such a way that its activity has a positive impact on society and respects the environment, while being economically viable. A delicate balance built in collaboration with stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders or even regional players.

According to the CSR 2021 barometer, 83% of large groups and 65% of ETIs (medium-sized companies) say that they are mobilized on CSR issues. The movement also takes place in the smallest companies, with more than one VSE (very small companies) and PMI (small and medium companies) in three launch actions, especially around the environment.

To judge a company on its CSR policy, there are extra-financial rating organizations. Unlike traditional agencies, these independent companies do not evaluate the solvency of the structure, but its environmental and social behavior and its governance, i.e. the ESG criteria.

To recall, the ESG criteria take into account the actions of the company in the ecology (waste management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of energy consumption, prevention, awareness, etc.), in social matters (respect for labor law, social dialogue, etc.). gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, etc. and in its governance (fight against corruption, respect for transparency and executive compensation, relations with unions, relations between shareholders, management and the board of directors…).

The extra-financial qualification therefore allows companies that want to know their positioning in terms of social and environmental responsibility. This qualification can also be carried out at the request of investors who want to evaluate the social responsibility of a company before integrating it into their portfolio.

There are many extra-financial rating agencies in the world. We can mention, among others, the CDP (international reference organization for the evaluation of corporate climate strategies), the Vigeo Eiris agency (renowned company that evaluates the CSR performance of companies, in ESG matters) or EcoVadis (world leader in corporate CSR performance). evaluation and improvement).

A few months ago, these three agencies assessed in particular the level of CSR commitment of the La Poste group. The French company has obtained 3 ratings that confirm its social commitment and the pursuit of its CSR actions. It should be noted that La Poste, as a company with a mission since 2021, is committed to integrating environmental, social and societal issues at the heart of its strategic plan “La Poste 2030: engaged with you”.

The CDP positioned the group in the middle of the A list in the “Climate Change” section. La Poste thus enters the very closed club of 200 companies worldwide to be included. In France, only 22 companies are listed in the CDP’s A list. “To achieve an A in the climate criterion, companies must have solid climate governance, a rigorous risk management process, verified scope 1 and 2 emissions and emission reduction targets throughout their value chains “.specifies the international organization.

The Vigeo Eiris agency, for its part, awarded the La Poste group the 1st place in the world, all sectors combined, for the 3rd consecutive year. The French group obtained an overall score of 77/100 and outperformed more than 4,942 other evaluated companies. We must highlight the very high score of 91/100 on the environmental pillar, proof of La Poste’s commitment and continuous efforts in this area.

Finally, Ecovadis once again awarded the platinum medal to the La Poste group, with a score of 75/100. “This score corresponds to the highest level of recognition among more than 60,000 companies evaluated by Ecovadis worldwide,” specifies La Poste in a press release.

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