Financial allowance, support, training… What can the youth work contract bring you?

About a million young people in France today are without work or training. It is impossible for the government, in the pre-election period, to leave it on the side of the road. But it is not about creating a young RSA, to which the government has always opposed, fearing that it will establish a logic of assistant.

After months of reflection, Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday the launch, on March 1, 2022, of a “Youth engagement contract”, which will replace the “Youth Guarantee”. This system represents an investment of 2.6 billion euros. 20 minutes guides you to understand the interest of this device.

What are the conditions to benefit from it?

You must be under 26 years old, without training or employment for several months. This does not mean that if you have a diploma in your pocket, such as a CAP or baccalaureate, you cannot have access. If you have been struggling to find a job for several months, you are fully eligible for the scheme. To benefit, just go to a Pôle emploi agency or a local mission. To find the structure closest to you, just click on

Several charities and youth organizations have denounced the restrictive conditions of accessibility of this device. “As for the students, nothing has been done, nothing has been announced,” criticizes the president of Unef, Mélanie Luce.

How can this device allow you to get better?

In the program: 15 to 20 hours minimum of activity per week, for a period of 6 to 12 months. And this contract can be extended to 18 months if you are away from work. These activities depend on your profile, so it can be a qualification training, a second chance school, a civic service, a CV workshop, interview training, an internship, an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, a preparation for the apprenticeship… Throughout your contract, you will be accompanied by a referent (a local mission or a job center advisor). You can communicate with him regularly via an app. And it won’t let you go until you’ve been entered permanently.

This range of activities can allow each beneficiary to strengthen their self-confidence, but also to redefine their professional project. However, for some associations, the duration of the device is too short. “The quick exit should not be the ultimate goal of a device. On the contrary, for the most excluded young people, these time limits are anxious,” says ATD Quartu Munnu.

What financial compensation will you receive?

It will not be systematic. You will be granted if you are detached from your parents for tax purposes or if the latter are not taxable. In these cases, you will receive an allowance of up to 500 euros. But if you are fiscally attached to your parents and they do not pay a lot of taxes (ie if they are part of bracket 1), you will receive an allowance of 300 euros per month. If you already have income (unemployment benefits, for example), your benefit will be calculated as follows, so that the total is limited to 500 euros per month.

But be careful: this contract is subject to an obligation to attend. If you do not attend the activities planned for you, you will be forced to leave the scheme and will no longer receive the planned allowance. “It’s a logic of rights and duties,” explains Matignon. Financial aid declared by many: “With 500 euros, we don’t live, we survive”, comments Antoine Dullin, president of the youth integration commission at the Orientation Council for youth policies. Same story with Paul Mayaux, president of Fage: “No consideration for young precarious workers, young graduates… A minimal amount of aid and effort that only complements the existing systems, without creating new rights today, but so essential,” he said on Twitter. .

What is the difference with the Youth Guarantee?

Of course, this engagement contract is very similar to him. But it will be “much more intense”, according to Matignon. Because the Youth Guarantee offered support only for the first 6 weeks, while the new system provides from the beginning to the end of the contract. It is also for the purpose of more immersion in companies: temporary assignments, internships… “We are going to ask the business clubs already mobilized for the plan “1 young person, a solution””, indicates Matignon.

Another difference: the Youth Guarantee was piloted only by the 1400 sites of the local missions, where the engagement contract will also be from 900 Pôle emploi agencies or local associations specialized in integration. Finally, the ambition is not the same because in 2021, 200,000 young people would benefit from the Youth Guarantee. The government aims to double it with the new device. He also hopes that this support contract will be more effective than the Youth Guarantee. After this, 35% of the young people found a job directly, and 50% after six months.

How many young people will be helped via this device?

As we said, the government has set itself an ambitious goal from the first year of implementation of this system: at least 400,000 young people in 2022. The difficulty will be to convince the most vulnerable people to commit. Therefore, the government will partner with sports clubs, neighborhood associations, social employers, who will be responsible for meeting these young people.

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