Financial Literacy Week: March 21-27, 2022

The “Global Money Week”, intended for young people, but also for the general public, brings together many partners. Theme 2022:
“Build your future, be smart with your money!” “.

Under the auspices of the Banque de France in France, the week of financial education, initiated by theOECD, aims to educate young people and the general public about all things money. For this year, the focus is particularly on banking and financial scams. La finance pour tous, partner of the national strategy, holds budget workshops for young people.

A week to train and learn

The Banque de France and its partners organize several events on the territory: budget workshops, over-indebtedness, economic conferences and also sequences of educational games for young people in the framework of the SNU.

Because the main purpose of this international week is to help young people better understand their economic and financial environment.

A MOOC is also available from March 21 on currency and means of payment, in partnership with the INC. This free module has three modules (Currency, means of payment and scams). You can register here via this link.

Action Finance for All for young people

We have created many educational tools for the youngest, including:

  • A card game for 8-12 years : “Super €uro”, to train while having fun in certain notions of money and economics (banking, expression, history…)
    Access to the “Super €uro” game.
  • Our videos produced in partnership with the Banque de France for university students (scams, means of payment, credit, savings, budget, etc.)
    See the videos
  • The moment Maths for high school students : explain simple concepts
    Discover the moment Maths
  • The Finquiz Jeunes app, also for high school and university students: produced in collaboration with the AMF, this fun application allows you to take an interest in economics and finance.
    Discover the app

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