how does the personal loan flash course work?

In a few years, Boursorama Banque will have (almost) caught up with traditional banking establishments. The online bank, which claims 3.7 million customers, relies on a full range of banking products similar to that of a network bank.

Among the key products, there are of course credits. The subsidiary of the Societe Generale group offers housing loans and consumer credit. The latter allows you to borrow between 2,000 and 75,000 euros depending on the project, with repayment over a period of 12 to 120 months.

If you are a client of the establishment and want to take out a personal loan, two options are available to you: the Standard course and the course. Flash course. The latter has the particularity of giving an immediate and definitive answer to a credit request. The Standard course will only give you an immediate response in principle, and the final acceptance will take place between 3 and 5 days later.

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Whichever course you choose, the procedure takes place online and guarantees the release of funds within 7 days of obtaining the final answer. In addition, the bank does not necessarily ask you to register your income to be eligible.

Simulate a loan at Boursorama Bank © Boursorama Bank

Why choose the Flash course?

In a study carried out by Meilleurtaux and published at the beginning of 2022, Boursorama Banque ranked the cheapest bank on Personal Loans in 2021. This award comes on top of the title of “the cheapest bank in France” which the bank won for the fourteenth consecutive year in 2021.

Specifically, what is the difference between the Flash course and the Standard course? The Flash course, with an immediate and firm response, is accessible if your income has been domiciled for at least 3 months with Boursorama Banque, or if you authorize the bank to connect with to collect and analyze your income and expenses on your last tax notice. This procedure is safe.

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If you do not want to allow online banking to access this information, then you will have to opt for the Standard route. The latter will be slower and you will have to send a certain number of elements in PDF to an investigator who will decide (or not) to grant the consumer credit.

If you need credit quickly, know that this course is slower: it takes between 3 and 5 days for a definitive answer. At Hello Bank! or Monabanq, only the response in principle is immediate. Boursorama Banque is an exception among online banks with its Flash course.

Boursorama flash course

The Flash course © Boursorama Banque

In any case, it is important to remember that a loan commits you and must be repaid. It will be necessary to check your repayment capabilities before committing to any loan.

A unique user experience

Whatever the product, Boursorama Banque offers one of the best user experiences in the banking sector. D-Rating also elected the best digital bank in Europe in 2021. Online banking is based on intuitive interfaces that allow everyone to manage their banking products independently.

To meet all the French, it offers the widest range of banking products among online banks. In addition to loans, there are many books of savings, investments (stock market, life insurance), insurance, a current account and a whole series of bank cards. Among them, the Ultim card is the most famous.

Current account

Conditions: No entry conditions – Welcome cards and Ultim

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

bank card

Monthly cost of the card: €0

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Currency withdrawal: 1.69% • Currency payments: Free

Cards offered

mobile payment



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