In Carhaix, two new non-commissioned officers head of the gendarmerie – Carhaix

In addition to the arrival, on August 1, of a new commander of the Carhaix and Huelgoat brigade group, Captain Arnaud Pourtau, and of a new commander of the Huelgoat brigade, chief warrant officer Érick Lejeune, two new brigade officers are also joined by staff of the local gendarmerie.

The gendarmerie competition at 18

Sabrina Bourget, 37, was born in Maine-et-Loire (49) but grew up in Loire-Atlantique, specifically in Saint-Nazaire where she studied. It was an encounter with a gendarme that made her want to take the gendarmerie competition, which she won at the age of 18, even before obtaining her baccalaureate in 2003. “I knew I had to go to the gendarmerie school of Châteaulin to follow. the training of the volunteer gendarme assistant. At the end of this training, she joined the Ancenis brigade from 2003 to 2005. It was then that she met her future husband, Érick Lejeune, then a policeman in the Ancenis highway platoon.

Investigator on illegal work

In 2005, she passed the non-commissioned officer competition and entered the Châteaulin company for a year, before being assigned to the Evry brigade (91) where she became a leader and remained until 2014. In 2017, get advancement and become adjudicated during 2005. his transfer to Melun. It was during these years that he trained in the fight against irregular immigration, before perfecting his skills by becoming an investigator on illegal work and fraud on social benefits, especially document fraud.

Specialized unit

After Melun, the soldier joined his wife in the brigade community of La Ferté-Gaucher (77) and joined the daughter brigade of Rebais until 2019. Then he obtained a new promotion to the rank of chief contractor, at the same time as his. husband, during his transfer to Evry-Courcoronnes (91), a brigade specialized in the fight against illegal work and financial crime. “These are quite atypical and rare specialized units!”, she underlines. First deputy brigade commander, he became the brigade commander a year later. Sabrina Bourget was assigned to Carhaix on August 1, as his wife. “It was a great opportunity to get closer to family in Loire-Atlantique. We have two children and we appreciate the quality of life here,” he says.

The other newcomer, Chief Warrant Officer Olivier Tual, 46, arrived in Carhaix on July 1, initially for a period of one year.

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