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Accessible from a few hundred euros, the SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) is appreciated for its simplicity and attractive returns. Now it is possible to invest directly online become a real estate owner in peace We tell you more about how to do it and the best SCPIs available for online subscription.

Invest in a few clicks

The SCPI is a real estate investment vehicle that presents many advantages, especially its simplicity of subscription. Indeed, with the arrival of digital technology, this financial product has been able to adapt and offer its customers great simplicity in the purchase process.

In other words, there are no more documents! It is now possible to simulate your SCPI purchase with online tools. This is what offers, the reference platform in SCPI investment. Benoît Yerle, expert and partner of, explains: “It is possible to buy SCPI in a very simple way from home. We can correspond by email, phone, or video and, thanks to the electronic signature, carry out the procedures in a 100% digital way!

Simulate your SCPI investment online

A novelty in the investment world, the simulation tools are growing and has developed a fully customized simulator adapted to SCPI investment issues.

According to Benoît Yerle, our SCPI expert, the online simulator is an excellent way to understand SCPI investment: “Our clients can simulate their investment with their variables: the capital they want to invest, their level of taxation, the loan rate in a credit investment, the duration of their investment…. Once their project has been drafted, we discuss it to better define and choose the SCPIs that best match their profile.

However, if investing has never been easier thanks to online platforms, we must remain vigilant. The SCPI remains a financial investment and must be accompanied at all costs so that simplicity does not turn into complexity. Also, many scams exist on the web. Here are Benoît Yerle’s tips to avoid them:

● Make sure that the online platform is approved by the AMF.

● Seek advice from a wealth management adviser approved by the AMF.

● Beware of “too good” offers. Of course, the SCPI offers an attractive yield, but it generally hovers around 4.4%.

“The best thing is always to approach an independent firm, like, because you are sure to be accompanied by experts in the field!”, concludes our wealth management advisor, Benoit Yerle.

Our selection of the best SCPIs online

Currently, the SPAMI lists more than 200 SCPI on the market. SCPIs diversified, specialized, French, European… So how do you choose? Our expert Benoît Yerle shares his selection of the best online SCPIs available on the market.

“At, we make it a point of honor to guarantee quality to our customers. I have a rule: I never offer an SCPI in which I do not personally see myself investing.”

Top 3 SCPIs available online on

● Kyaneos Stone:

Payout rate 2021: 5.94%

Price per part: €1,080.00

Withdrawal value: €961.20

Minimum action: 10

“Kyaneos Pierre is a French SCPI specialized in high-quality housing! It is a product that is widely sold because it has excellent distribution keys and good valuations. We also recommend it for our customers who have a fairly low tax situation” .

● Quorum Euroion:

Payout rate 2021: 6.12%

Price per part: €204.00

Withdrawal value: €179.52

Minimum action: 1

SRI label

“The SCPI Eurion is a benchmark among European SCPIs. Its taxation is attractive since 100% of its real estate assets are invested in the euro zone and outside France, social security contributions are therefore not levied on to the income of the property of the subscribers.

● PF Grand Paris:

Payout rate 2021: 4.42%

Price per part: €544.00

Withdrawal value: €492.32

Minimum part: 10

SRI label

“PF Grand Paris is one of the best SCPI on the market. It sees its share price increase frequently and constantly. In the last 5 years, the value of the share has increased by 3 to 4% per year, which is considerable “.

Attention, the SCPI is a financial investmentto invest in the best and enjoy attractive returns, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our wealth management advisors or contact them at With 10 years of experience, they can listen to you and give advice tailored to your situation.

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