Investing in managed real estate in France: the tax advantages

Are you an expat and want to build a real estate portfolio and benefit from additional income, rental investment is for you!

In 2022, investing in rental property is still the safest way to prepare for the future. With a higher rate of return than most traditional financial investments, betting on real estate remains attractive to expatriate investors.

Benefit from tax exemption schemes thanks to the LMNP

If the tax exemption schemes are interesting for French residents, they are just as interesting for expatriates who invest remotely. Thus, you can opt for the LMNP (non-professional rental company) status that will allow you to benefit from significant tax reductions when you declare your taxes.

The LMNP status only concerns investors whose rental income does not exceed €23,000 or 50% of their global income. It allows the investor to generate a rental income that is largely exempt from tax thanks to the principle of depreciation on real estate and furniture. The latter is allocated to the operating profit. The income may not be subject to income tax or social security contributions for many years, often more than 20 years.

Benefit from VAT recovery

The other tax advantage for the purchase of housing under the LMNP status is the recovery of VAT at 20%. (1) Thus, at the time of purchase, you only pay the price of the property without the tax.

Digital services: a real asset to carry out your project

Investing while being an expat is not always easy when you are alone. Distance, time difference, lack of availability and knowledge of the market, are limitations that you may face if you do not surround yourself with a specialist.

The rental real estate expert for more than 30 years Réside Études offers the possibility to invest in a serviced residence managed thanks to a free and digital system. In fact, Réside Études offers 100% digital support that allows you to manage your project remotely: information, signature of the reservation, administrative follow-up, sales deed. A significant advantage when living abroad.

For more information about Réside Études, contact a dedicated consultant here or by phone at

+33(0)1 88 88 10 69

(1) Reimbursement of VAT at the current rate in force, in the framework of the purchase of real estate in a residence with services or tourism managed by a professional operator – article 261/D4 of the general tax code.

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