Issep, Marion Maréchal’s school in Lyon, a “financial fiasco”

In this report published by Le Monde on Monday, March 7, which tells the announcement of the demonstration of Marion Maréchal to the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour, on the occasion of his meeting, we learned a little more about the situation of Issep. in Lyon.

This “Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences”, founded in Lyon in 2018, wanted to be a reactionary alternative to the traditional political science institutes that Marine Le Pen’s niece sees as a benchmark of ideological training located at the contrary to his paradigm. .

Presented as a model of projects led by Marion Maréchal, the school in fact suffers from a major lack of funding. What means could be found at the end of a presidential campaign, with the earnings that generate.

At Issep, “part of the team is not paid, 2,385 hours in 2021 are “voluntary work”

If rally to the “Reconquista! by Marion Maréchal was not a surprise, but it seems to have been done in a hurry. The deputy had initially said that she would not support her aunt Marine Le Pen, but had said to the same time she did not want to participate directly in this campaign.

The entrance to ISSEP, the school of Marion Maréchal in the Confluence district of Lyon ©LB/Rue89Lyon

On Sunday in Toulon, however, he took the microphone on the podium, pressed by Eric Zemmour’s team for position. One of the justifications given by Le Monde, which speaks of an inglorious reason, is particularly interesting.

Contrary to the statements of Marion Maréchal, Issep, of which she is the general manager, would be an economic “fiasco”. This is how Le Monde explains:

“It is a pleasure to have trained 338 students, with a team of 5 employees, 59 teachers and 23 in continuing education, but it survives only because of the donations of kind patrons that cannot last forever. The 87.4% of Issep’s turnover is made up of “resources related to the generosity of the public”, student revenues drop in a year by 28.8%, while the institute’s expenses increase by 48.5%.

It is also the audit of a firm of experts from Lyon that says:

“Part of the team is not paid, 2,385 hours in 2021 are “volunteers”.

We are far from the student successes of which the militants and relatives of Marion Maréchal in Lyon boast.

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