Lagny-sur-Marne: the So.Bio brand opens a new store

So.Bio opens a new organic supermarket in Lagny-sur-Marne, next to Stokomani. ©JG/La Marne

The store opens on September 8, 2022. During the summer of 2022, the So.Bio brand set up its new organic supermarket in the industrial area of ​​Lagny-sur-Marne, rue Jacquart, next to Stokomani.

Created in 2005, So.Bio began its development in the southwest of France. Today, the brand has about sixty stores. Behind the opening of Lagny, there is Marine Tribault, whose family has always been in the organic sector: “We think that the sector is promising, we hope that it will be confirmed at the opening!” smiled the young woman, a lawyer by training.

For the place, he was seated by theaccessibility “There is space for parking, the place is well known and already benefits from a large flow of customers”, continues Marine Tribault, who is not disturbed by the proximity of the Biocoop brand: “We are expanding the offer!”.

Cheap work

How does the brand stand out from its competitors? She says:

We have two strong assets. On the one hand, the highlighting of local producers and on the other, the accessibility of prices. With So.Bio, we want to remove the idea that bio is expensive.

Marine Tribault

A difficult balance to find : how do you offer local products, which are often more expensive and at attractive prices? The manager details: “This is played in the negotiations. The local producers are interested in making it known even if their products are a little more expensive. But for the rest, we try to be as cheap as possible.”

While the consumption of organic products is declining, and many brands have set up shop in Thorigny and Ferrières, he remains convinced that organic farming has a bright future.

Today, the Lagny store works with thirty local producers, that is to say that they are located within a radius of 100 km around the supermarket. “At 250 km, they are regional producers,” explains the manager. It is 250 local products (biscuits, pasta, eggs, soaps, cheeses, biscuits, beers, etc.), among the 10,000 products of the store with its 600 m.2 of sale.

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An organic supermarket

Here we find of all : groceries, a cellar of wine, beer and champagne, fruit and vegetables, grocery products, cheese and cured meats, fresh and frozen products or even bakery products that will be delivered every day. A wide range of massincluding cleaning products, is already installed and a large section is dedicated to cosmetics and care completes the course.

On the team side, there will be one manager per department, apart from the health and beauty department for which the brand has recruited three: naturopatha dietician and an cosmetic specialist. “The advice is very important, so we put the means”, adds Marine Tribault. Only one person is missing for the cutting and bulk department: in good terms…

While waiting to be able to open, the team is in the starting blocks. “We can’t wait to open!”. Later, the store wants to offer at least one event every weekend and will have a notebook at the entrance so that customers can share their feedback, their wishes, or “kind words”, smiled Marine.

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