Lidl is launching a new and ultra-design product at a mini price that will be a hit this fall

After the summer holidays spent in the heat, it’s time to go back to school. And the least we can say is that it is not always easy to live. Fortunately, thanks to Lidl, your child will be happy to go to school. Don’t worry, the editors of Objeko will tell you everything. Are you ready ?

Lidl hits hard with a product for children

It is an almost universal observation: all children love to draw and scribble. And to make it easier, Lidl has thought of everything. Indeed, the German channel decided to release a kind of magic slate. Yes, you read that right. As a reminder, this object is an educational toy that allows children to express their creativity. All this while giving them the opportunity to act like adults. But above all, it has the advantage of allowing the little ones to learn to hold a pen.

But how exactly does it work? Well, it’s very simple. With the help of a tactile pointer, children can give way to imagination. To remove it, nothing could be simpler. Indeed, it will be enough to press the button to start all over again. Equipped with an 8.5-inch LCD screen, this slate is also perfectly manageable. Which is a plus for children. How much does she weigh? 108 grams, only.

An ideal tool, for a lower cost

But this tablet also allows you to take care of the planet. In fact, the waste is over. Thanks to this tool, your child will save thousands of sheets. You should know that when you do a drawing session with the little ones, you will use a lot of paper. So if we can avoid that, that’s huge. You also know that this magic slate is also a good plan for the wallet. Because yes, when you buy something, always look at the price.

So, what we can say is that this tool costs almost nothing. It costs about 6.99 euros, to offer you this tablet. Here is another argument of choice that should quickly convince you to get your hands on this little wonder. Isn’t that true? To be able to offer this tablet, you will need to act quickly. As you probably know, Lidl does not have a large stock. So, if you are interested in it, go to the store quickly.

The other surprises of Lidl

In addition to the tablet, Lidl has other surprises. Indeed, the German channel decided to help families as much as possible. And especially the new school supplies for the children. Thus, the brand has already decided to extend its anti-inflation plan until October. As you understand then, you will be able to offer a magnificent school year to your child. And this is priceless. Isn’t that true? Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.

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