Lidl: these eye-popping historical supermarkets!

Lidl is unanimous in unveiling its most sensational supermarkets on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.

For years, Lidl has dazzled its loyal consumers. This time, it is not thanks to new products that the German distribution company is talking about. But well and truly thanks to the supermarkets built in historic buildings. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lidl the king of the bargain

It’s no longer a secret! Over the years, Lidl has managed to establish itself with big companies. Carrefour, Cora, Leclerc. All supermarkets have problems dealing with the German distribution company.

And for good reason! The latter continues to offer quality products at low prices. But not only. From travel to ready-to-wear through food, the yellow and blue sign is on all fronts.

Recently, Lidl was also unanimous among its consumers by unveiling new items. Very attentive to current trends, the hard discounter then offers menstrual panties for only 12.79 euros. But also cups at 9.99 euros each. Such as washable sanitary napkins and reusable at 11.99 euros.

In addition, Lidl also hit very hard with the care of pregnant women. Starting with an organic almond oil perfect for all skin types. A Cien brand oil is sold at 2.29 euros.

In the same range, we find the pregnancy care oil for mothers. A completely vegan treatment that helps prevent stains on the shelves at 3.49 euros. A good one.

And finally, Lidl also offers a nursing balm for sensitive or irritated nipples. A fragrance-free product that is safe for mother and baby and dermatologically tested. MCE TV tells you more about Lidl.

Breathtaking supermarkets

While Lidl is unanimous thanks to his unpublished articlesIt seems that the German distribution company is also making a buzz thanks to its premises.

In effect, some buildings are beautiful. An opportunity to present the stores for the European Heritage Days.

“Why build when the buildings are already there and are part of the history of a city? On the occasion of @jepofficiel on September 17 and 18, discover the 4 supermarkets at which we given a second life. »

This is what he wrote Lidl on their Instagram page while not revealing the premises in question. First of all, that of Tourcoing” housed a textile factory. »

He is ” consisting of eco-responsible equipment. Also, that of Lyon is a former Citroën garage ». As for that of Trélazé, it was a “party factory”.

Finally, the Lidl store in Nantes is ” classified as part of the heritage of Nantes. The reason? “This former Compagnie Nantaise des Chocolats chocolate factory” was “renovated by Lidl in 2020”.

In any case, one thing is certain, is that the German company wants to impose itself in many areas. A project that seems to please all Lidl customers. It remains to be seen what he offers next!

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