meeting with Sister Évelyne Agbegninou, Superior General of the Sisters of Saint Augustin

Sr Evelyne Agbegninou, Superior of the Nuns of Saint Augustine/Sr Evelyne Agbégninou


Last April, Sister Évelyne Agbegninou was elected Superior General of the Sisters of Saint Augustine.

La Croix Africa met this book lover who now has to work in the apostolate of his congregation which has to face the shortage of vocations in his country of origin, Switzerland.

During their extraordinary general chapter held at the end of April in Lomé, the Sisters of Saint Augustine of Europe and Africa elected Sister Évelyne Agbegninou as head of their religious community. This is the first time that such a chapter has been held in Africa, and the new superior who succeeds her compatriot, Sister Marie-Reine Amouzou, is the second African in this position.

Born in Benin, Évelyne Agbegninou, 60 years old, discovered the congregation of the Sisters of St. Augustine at a very young age, in Lomé. Satisfied by his spirituality and his mission centered on evangelization through the media, he decided to enter this congregation in 1983. The following year, he left for Switzerland for his training and returned in August 1985 for the foundation of the novitiate in Lomé district of Bè.

The bookstore profession is a great passion for me. »

On December 8, 1987, he pronounced his first vows, then returned to Switzerland for training in a bookstore. Back in his country at the beginning of 1992, he started working at the Bookstore Good Shepherd which she has directed since 1995, after training in economics and library management in Switzerland. Sister Agbegninou is also responsible for Saint Augustin Afrique Editions.

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The bookstore profession is a great passion for me. “, she confides on Tuesday, September 13 at La Croix Africa. Often placed in the heart of the bookstore Good Shepherd, rue Sylvanus Olympio in Lomé (formerly rue du Commerce). This book lover is almost always immersed in one of the many books that surround him or in administrative or financial documents, with the necessary concentration for business management. ” She is very strict when it comes to work and she likes a job well done; but this rigor is sometimes misunderstood”, remarks Marine Kokovena, a laywoman working in this bookstore. ” But those who know her know that she is very kind, works hard and knows how to face all difficulties with courage.adds this employee.

Vocational pastoral care, a priority

His election as Superior General was a “big surprise” for her ” It was very difficult for me, because I spent my whole life in the service of the bookstore and I was considering to put in the agropastoral. “, says the one who leans on God asking “wisdom and humility”.

One of the great challenges of the Sisters of St. Augustine is the scarcity of vocations in Europe which requires reflection so that the most numerous African nuns can resume the apostolate in Switzerland. ” So it isshe says, a priority to work to obtain the work residence permit which the Swiss Confederation does not provide to foreigners until today, even to sisters of the same religious congregation.”. Otherwise, ” it is urgent to work a lot in terms of vocational pastoral and also to try to cover the sub-region and continuing to strengthen our presence in Togo. “, assures the new superior.

Charles Ayetan (in Lome)

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