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Meyon, a start-up specialized in investment advice, invites you to its press conference to announce its arrival in the market and the launch of its services and application.

While in 2018, the France Fintech association identified 350 Fintechs in France, today there are more than 7001.. These new players have digitized the banking sector, but in doing so they have further alienated the French from their advisor. To offer a complete offer, Meyon combines a fully digital service with human support. By completely rethinking the way we think about wealth management and savings, the company proves that it is possible to do finance in a different way.

Meyon offers a range of investment services including advice, life insurance, SCPI, a passbook account and a tax reduction solution. The startup chooses, the best financing solutions to offer everyone an experience tailored to their investment ability.

• How will the online financial investment sector evolve?

• What are the developments to be expected in this market?

• How can AI support individuals in their investment strategy?

• How to properly integrate human support into a 100% digital investment advisory application?

• What are the placement and investment solutions offered by Meyon?

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