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In Paris, September 2022, MIKIT, the leading network of builders of single-family houses ready to finish, renews its range and presents models of its new collection that will inspire the future construction on the market of the new house in France .

With its almost 40 years of experience and more than 39,000 houses built in France, MIKIT innovates and renews its offer of high-quality houses and thus marks its upmarket through new optimized plans including completely redesigned models, materials and standards for families. Trendy and timeless at the same time, MIKIT houses are indispensable in the landscape of single-family houses in France. In 2022, they are increasingly versatile and imagine themselves closer to the desires of the French. It is more than 121 revised models and 6 created that are now offered by the 2000 professionals spread in 130 agencies located throughout the territory. Among the models concerned, the stars of the range have been completely redesigned and optimized. In tune with the times, functional and stylish.

Others have been adapted to meet the new expectations of buyers, such as the Delphie model. To meet the wishes and needs of each family, several combinations are proposed to create a house that fits all the configurations of the occupants without compromising quality and without style.

Completely redesigned openings for a life turned towards nature.

Special attention was given to the opening. Brightness, panoramic view of the garden, the new models are adorned with large openings. The style is also marked by more modern openings with vertical lines that give the collection a resolutely modern design. New areas designed for families. This is how they consist of structured spaces with generous dimensions without loss of space. The living rooms have been renovated, the bedrooms have been enlarged with space provided for wardrobes and storage. The houses are now mostly equipped with master suites.

High quality homes.

Beyond RE2020 standards, this new range confirms the brand’s desire to maintain high quality standards.

That’s why the parrot brand offers a state-of-the-art home automation system that saves time significantly by making your home connected. Whatever the home automation project: heating, blinds, lighting, alarm; the box and its smart connected home application make it possible to remotely control the connected objects of today and those that families will add tomorrow.

Starting this school year, MIKIT houses will be built with 3-in-1 alveolar reflective insulation that provides winter/summer thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and building waterproofing. Its high thermal performance is ACERMI certified. It also incorporates the vapor barrier function and provides a high, stable and durable insulation performance. Its components are healthy, respect the internal air, without irritating fibers.

“This new range brings essential optimizations to our products. Resolutely modern and in tune with the times, we have also improved the quality and performance of our product not only to meet the RE2020 standards, but to go further in terms of l appearance and the structuring of spaces. The integration of home automation and high-performance materials completes the creation of this new range. We also take particular care with the openings to meet the dream of the French to have his home, the closest to nature.Damien Hereng, president of MIKIT
About Mikit: Created in 1983, MIKIT is the first French builder of ready-to-finish individual houses. It owes its success in particular to the originality of its concept, to its strong commitment to quality and to its development in franchising, which makes the success of its members. MIKIT is now almost 140 agencies, and almost 40,000 houses already built. www.mikit.fr

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