Ministerial visit, marine earthquake, chemical flows, Melanesia Cup: the news on the 1st of this Thursday, September 15

The news of this Thursday, September 15 in New Caledonia, is the last day of the visit of the Minister Delegate to the Overseas and of his last encounters, the earth shaking off the coast of New Caledonia, workers who are listen on social media. front in Nouméa and Hienghène, the return of a treasure from prison or even the participation of the Cagous in the Melanesian Cup which makes a comeback.

Last day of visit to New Caledonia for Jean-François Carenco. The Delegate Minister for Overseas Territories will meet with some parliamentarians, Pierre Frogier, Philippe Dunoyer and then Nicolas Metzdorf. It meets first at 8 o’clock for a breakfast with the spiritual and religious forces of the country. Yesterday, Jean-François Carenco devoted his day to reviewing the institutions of New Caledonia and its representatives, visiting in turn the government, the Congress and the southern province.. Last appointment for the Minister Delegate to the Overseas, will be this evening at 7:30 pm tonight on NC la 1ère. He will be the guest of television news.

The ground shook last night in New Caledonia. An earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located about 300 km east of Lifou. It is therefore logically felt in the Isule di Fideltà but also as far as Grande Terre with testimonies in Yaté, Mont-Dore and Nouméa.

Still in Loyalty, in Maré, the Wabao dispensary opens its doors this morning. He will receive patients from 7:30 am Historical moment in the south of the Nengone for almost 30 years since the structure had closed its doors. This will simplify the lives of the residents of the area, they no longer have to travel to La Roche or Tadine to receive care.

Prony Resources reports a leak of magnesium, sulfate and manganese in the runoff water from the KO2 dam towards the Kwé River. A leak due to the heavy rains of the last few days explains the industrialist. The heavy rains of the last few months have resulted in the saturation of the pumping device for the flow of rainwater. Prony Resources specifies that it will carry out a control of fauna and flora” to verify the absence of impact of the incident”, ends by saying that “The safety of the dam is not in question “.

Employees affiliated to the SGTINC-CGC union were mobilized in front of the Doniambo site yesterday to warn about the financial situation of SLN. The fall was followed in Nouméa but also in some mines. The question is to be addressed today during a council meeting.

In Hienghène are agents of the USTKE-USOENC-CNTP inter-union of the technical service of the municipality who have been on strike since Monday. The strikers regret that the municipality did not take into account the annual evaluation interview of February 2021. For the municipality, these interviews were carried out before this deadline and do not constitute a systematic reference.

Prison treasures: a collection of works has been bequeathed to the historic site of Île Nou. A real heritage made up of 27 statuettes, it belongs to Philippe Collin, grandson of a former prison doctor. Statuettes modeled by Alexandre Gérard, sentenced to deportation to the Isle of Pines, after forced labor in the penal colony of the Isle of Nou. They witness scenes of life in the Kanak world, through the eyes of the condemned: the pilou, the musicians, the meal and the couple. A priceless gift to the culture of New Caledonia.

On the occasion of the call for projects “Entrepreneurship for women” launched by Initiative NC, Sheima Riahi received this morning on morning radio Viviane Lafay, the director of Initiative NC. Dare, create, take initiatives, set up your business… The key words of this interview, the main lines of which you will find during the day on our site.

A scene worthy of a movie yesterday morning in Dumbéa, an ultralight plane had to make an emergency landing on the city’s golf course. Engine failure was the cause of the accident. The pilot considered that he could not reach the Nakutakoin aerodrome and made the decision to make an emergency landing at hole n°8. No injuries are reported. The incident surprised and amused especially the golfers on site.

Sports with football first. After a 20-year absence, the Melanesia Cup is back under a new name. The competition was renamed MSG Prime Ministers Cup. It is an international tournament that is played between Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The Cagous will land on Saturday with a new head coach, Johann Sidaner who replaces Thierry Sardo and more recently Dominique Wacalie.

In stand-up paddle, the Cagous shone again at the world championships that took place last weekend in Poland. Among our specialists in the discipline, Titouan Puyo has been on the podium twice.

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