Mon Petit Placement: the app to invest your money smartly and fight inflation

Petrol, energy, food… Not a day goes by without the news resounding with new price increases. An inflation that threatens the purchasing power of the French. Fortunately, My little investment offers you a real solution. This jewel of French fintech offers investments accessible to everyone¹, returns ranging from around 3 to 12% and capital always available at any time. Hard to beat.

Most French people think that to invest, you need to have a lot of capital and that the savings comes from putting your money in a Livret A and its return of 1% per year (rate registered at the beginning of February). However, thanks to My little investment, a return below inflation is not inevitable. Of course, you don’t need to be named Rockefeller to invest. It only takes €300 to take advantage of the wallets offered by My little investment¹. You will only need a few minutes to register on the site My little investment, choose the portfolio that suits you and invest in sectors of the future and see your capital increase up to 12% per year. You can also increase your investment when and how you want. And because freedom is priceless, you can get your capital back whenever you want, at no cost.

The app My little investment is available on android and iOS.

Counselors always available for transparent information

With My little investment, the transparency is total. There are no hidden costs, and the company is only paid to take a commission if your investment performs. No entry, exit or arbitrage fees… The only interest of My little investment is that your investment is realized.

Want to ask a question or need advice? You will always find someone to support you in your investment project. All you have to do is contact one of the many advisers, by phone, e-mail or via the chat integrated in the app and available at any time. Support that will allow you to find the cards that meet your expectations in terms of the topic, the duration of the capital and of course the performance. With My little investmentinvest is how you want and when you want!

The Mon Petit Placement app allows you to invest your money only while being advised and guided by investment experts.

The app My little investment allows you to invest your money only while being advised and guided by investment experts.

Wallets to suit your temperament

When it comes to saving and investing, there is one immutable rule. The more you want a high yield, the more you have to accept to take risks, and see the performance of your portfolio fluctuate over the months. And because not everyone has an adventurous soul, My little investment offers portfolios suitable for all types of investors:

  • The volunteer: with an annual return of around 3%, this portfolio is designed for anyone who wants to invest prudently or in a short period of time.
  • The energy: combining growth and moderate risk taking, this portfolio offers a return of approximately 5% per year. Enough to see your capital grow comfortably as long as you are patient. Ideal for medium term projects.
  • The ambitious: 8% annual return, worth it! L’Ambitieux is a portfolio that contains mostly stocks. It’s not enough to have cold sweats when you get up in the morning, but My little investment we advise you to opt for this portfolio if you are looking for the long term!
  • The intrepid: the ideal wallet if you want to win big and are not shy. Get ready to live a hundred miles an hour with this portfolio that will certainly play a roller coaster, because we do not forget that market fluctuations are what create performance. But in the end, your potential earnings will be even greater.

30% reduction on your performance fees

Nothing is easier than investing with My little investment. Visit the site and click on I started. Complete the form, and in a few minutes, the advisers of My little investment I offer you an investment that suits you. And enter the code DIGITAL30 at the time of registration, My little investment offers you 30% on your performance commissions the first year. One more reason to visit the site and start really enjoying your savings.

¹Every investment involves financial risk. It is imperative to properly determine your investor profile and measure the level of risk you are willing to assume before subscribing to this service.

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