Monitoring of government-health union agreements: F2S announces 48-hour strike

The Federation of Health Trade Unions (F2s) announced in a press release a 48-hour general strike on September 21 and 22. According to the comrades of Cheikh Seck, this decision falls within the framework of the follow-up of the agreements between the government of Senegal and the health unions, but also for the restoration of the dignity of the health professor after the affair Kedougou.

The conference of general secretaries of the Federation of Health Trade Unions (F2s) has decided to strike for 48 hours from September 21. A decision taken in its last meeting on the progress of the various points of agreement between the health unions and the government. In a press release received, yesterday Friday, the comrades of Cheikh Seck mentioned the points of negotiation, especially sectoral, with the government regarding the materialization of the agreements of May 10, 2022 for the points with financial impact and the regularization of administrative personnel. of contract employees of public establishments Health (Eps) and the Ministry of Health, Local Authorities, Health Development Committees (Cds), Universities.

We recall the respect of the commitments vis-à-vis the subsidy intended for the staff of Eps to the point of 8 billion to cover the expenses induced by the increase.“, informed the press release. However, he notes: “Despite the availability of money, some administrative or support staff and former Cto staff are left behind. This same situation is observed at the level of university staff, local authorities or contract workers of the Ministry of Cheers. The source also informed that “However, those who are at the origin of this blockage hastened to agree to compensation varying between 200 and 300 thousand francs. They are the agents of the Ministry of Public Service and the Ministry of Finance».

The points raised during their evaluation meeting also relate to the situation in Kédougou, with the unfortunate death of Mrs. Doura Diallo and her child, which led to the arrest of three health professionals. “The situation in Kédougou has shown that all health workers are on loan and are likely, for the slightest incident, to end up in prison. There is a need to put in place a regulation that protects health workers, without replacing the laws and regulations of the country“, announced the press release.

The situation of the National School of Health and Social Development (Endss), the reclassification of senior technicians and the lack of recruitment in the civil service for two years were also on the agenda of their meeting. For the comrades of Cheikh Seck, for 5 years, the competition for the training of paramedical personnel is not open at the Endss level. “Fifteen sections or specialties have not opened a competition and at the same time the Department of Human Resources is in the process of adulterating this training by opening everywhere a private training that seeks more to enrich a band of nomenclature than to respond to the training needs “. said the F2.

And to certify:since 2009, year of the reform of the Endss raising the level of recruitment, which should normally be followed by the reclassification of former state nurses, midwives and senior technicians to their new host body, the latter are still waiting.“. Finally, the F2 reiterated their position for the preservation of the heritage of the Aristide le Dantec hospital but also “the fate of the 900 contractual agents and service providers for the preservation of their rights“.


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