Monoprix lends some products for free, and it’s really worth it

Monoprix customers will be able, from the beginning of the next school year, to enter a store and leave with a raclette, a drill, a beer dispenser and a dozen other products…all while booking on an app and without paying anything.

The service of free loan for 48 hours, with no other condition than a bank imprint and a copy of the identity card, has just been launched by the brand of the Casino group after a year of waiting. Two first locations are embarked on a test phase this month, in Paris (at 10, rue de Marseille) and in the department of the North (in Marcq-en-Baroeul).

“Je m’appelle reviens”, from its name, is presented to limit the ecological impact of customers and avoid unnecessary congestion. He aims products that tend to be bought for rare occasions. The device can be borrowed for a maximum of 48 hours. Penalties must be established in case of non-respect of the durations.

Customer loyalty

“Why bother with a device you only use once a year?”asked Maguelone Paré, in charge of transformation and innovation at Monoprix, in an interview with Parisian.

Monoprix’s primary motivation will be to encourage more consumers to choose to go in their stores rather than in the competition. At a time when supermarkets are going digital with the explosion of online orders, the argument of proximity is no longer enough and brands must compete in imagination (example with Metavers…). Monoprix will ask customers to use their mobile application to book their loan and of course they will create a loyalty account to take advantage of it.

In terms of price levels, Monoprix is ​​far from being as accessible as Lidl, which continues to take market share in France while inflation weighs on purchasing power. In the stock market, the commercial activity of Casino, which holds Monoprix and Franprix, is down by 7.5% in 2021, leading its share to lose 35% of its value since the beginning of the year.

If their free product rental service opens up to all of France, perhaps the latter will come in exchange for financial compensation later. We can also expect to see the service arrive as part of a Monthly subscriptionthat would promise Monoprix recurring revenue.

Monoprix subscription

The distributor has already an offer at €9.90 per month allows access to 10% cashback on all purchases, and a free delivery service for online orders.

Last October, his loyalty account was already saturated with a new airline-like policy. The more loyal and regular their customers are, the more responses they get. Different levels represent these levels: Access, Premium and VIP.

The first level has already opened the way to “devices to try for free” when the next two levels go right to concierge service and access to “exceptional events.”

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