more and more French people can no longer repay their loans


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C. Tixier, S. Lisnyj, A. d’Abrigeon – France 2

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Inflation is devastating to loan repayments. For more and more French people, this can be a real obstacle.

Repaying loans, with inflation, has become a challenge for many. “I have two outstanding mortgages. It is more and more difficult with the period we live in: inflation, the increase in energy“, deplores a Parisian. According to the Banque de France, credit repayment incidents are on the rise. They would have increased by 10% in a year. Difficulties can occur in any type of loan: consumption, to buy a car or even real estate . . .

Loans to buy a property are cleared. With the low interest rates of recent years, families have gone into debt, sometimes too much. Today, they can no longer repay. “In general, people can refuse some expenses, exit if they have, (…) but when you no longer repay your credit (…) it means that you no longer have a choice.“explains an expert. Some situations can go as far as over-indebtedness. Almost a quarter of the files presented today include unpaid mortgages.

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