Online Training “Financial Independence”: Should you start?

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Passive income by working a few hours a week

Hello young entrepreneur! “. For many years, the messages of contractors “to have” success “and what do they want” to help other people to get rich are popping up on social media. The typical example is that of Jean-Pierre Fanguin, an influencer whose videos promising to make easy money went viral in 2020.

The Internet is full of advertisements in which we discover influencers who offer training, paid or free, that should allow ” become financially independent “. Most of the time, a person who presents himself as a self-taught or an entrepreneur explains that he wants to share his secrets to ” achieve financial independence “. Get rich by investing in real estate, trading or cryptocurrencies

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From dream to reality, the fall is sometimes hard

Unfortunately, the dream is often far from reality. A number of influencers who present themselves as ” the traders “, ” investors “where” entrepreneurs they are really scams. To advertise on Instagram or Youtube, these ” infopreneurs encourage individuals, often young or in financial difficulty, to pay a online training “or one” entrance fee “. Sometimes, some come out convinced that you have to abandon your projects to invest in a “ business model which sounds promising, but usually results in disillusionment.

A certain number of elements can put the chip in the ear. U online courses that promise internet users a source of passive income Working little are, alas, very often mirages But the marketing argument often presented is a “ 100% success at the end of the training “, a fact that is impossible to verify and that can also lead to guilt in case of failure.

By posting harsh headlines and dreamy slogans, some influencers use hype to capture the attention of netizens who want to enhance their lives. But in many cases, the concept is amateur or scam. 2 cases can happen:

• a paid training, sometimes very expensive, which is at best uninteresting. It can also constitute a danger especially for the younger onesIf the person claiming to be a trainer gives partial or just false advice.

a pyramid affiliate scheme with the promise of earning a lot of money if one recruits other clients, and that ends up being disappointing. Companies that hide behind influencers do not aim to selflessly share an experience so that everyone can succeed. Here they have a strategy of Relationship marketing “. They are trying to sell theirs formation and to do his customers new people are found willing to pay for the so-called training. Sometimes this system leads to a real scam: a Ponzi scheme.

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Find quality online training to learn about trading, crypto, real estate…

Of course, those who want to try to make money by investing in the stock market, real estate or cryptocurrency can take training. It is also highly recommended!

You have to know it’s there many types of online training, paid or free. Some are offered by well-known specialized organizations. This is particularly the case of MOOC, or ” Massive Open Online Courses »which allow access without a prerequisite for a degree to an endless variety of courses from recognized universities or schools, sometimes with a certificate as a bonus.

The teachers provide comprehensive courses that ensure real theoretical learning for the person who wants to support their knowledge. There are online training in finance, cryptocurrencies, stock market, business creation but also courses on topics as varied as history, science, economics, geopolitics… There is something for everyone and for all levels.

Alongside these trainings, there are also webinars organized by brands. Often free, their quality varies depending on the organizer and the trainer. Many in finance and real estate, are often an excellent way to deepen your knowledge or be introduced to a new subject. For companies, the advantage is that these training courses allow them to create proximity with their customers and prospects in a personalized marketing approach.

In the financial field, there are numerous webinars dedicated to trading or cryptocurrencies provided by the platforms themselves. Their goal is to train interested people in their tools, in order to keep them as customers later.

To ensure the relevance of these trainings, you must first verify that the platform has the necessary authorizations to operate in France. So it’s better complement the knowledge acquired from other sources (books, tutorials, MOOCs, webinars, specialized training…) to discover all aspects of the subject, including the risks of trading and the disadvantages of different financial products. A good investor is an informed investor!

Finally, we must not neglect the online training of traditional organizations (CNAM, universities, private training institutes recognized by the State, etc.), which enriches its catalog every year. Some are eligible for Professional training account and can therefore be supported at least partially. Sometimes, this can also lead to a certificate or diploma recognized by companies.

But whatever training you choose, do not hesitate to look for information elsewhere, especially in books, in the press, or by mixing different types of training.

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Trade and influencers: the AMF sounds the alarm

Following numerous complaints received from individuals denouncing the aggressiveness of these marketing campaigns, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) encourages individuals to remain cautious and vigilant in the face of influencers’ messages about commerce oh i know recommendations in investment. Internet users, and especially younger ones, are invited gradually build a stock market culture ” and ” beware of unrealistic promises of quick, effortless and risk-free earnings “explains the gendarme of the stock market. I must too question the credibility of opinions shared online “.

The European Securities and Markets Authority (Esma) also reminded that an investor must always be able to assess ” the credibility of the recommendation “, such as ” the interests of those who did it “.
In other words, always watch out for messages broadcast on the Internet that promise to get rich quickly or an annuitant, and above all, form your own opinion by multiplying the sources.

Online training: advantages and disadvantages

Online training, which has developed a lot during the Covid 19 period, has advantages. The schedules are flexible and adapted to the availability of each learner. There is no need to travel to follow the courses, the auditor works in a familiar environment and can create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Thanks to the Internet, knowledge has never been so accessible.

But online courses can also have disadvantages. They do not allow the same interaction as in a classroom and learning is done on an individual basis, which can slow down the progression curve. However, interaction and social cohesion make it possible to improve understanding and assimilation of lessons.

People who decide to take online training must demonstrate self-discipline and rigor to be able to work diligently. The virtual presence of the teacher is not enough to motivate the student in his work. Finally, the learner spends too much time in front of the computer screen and it can lead to visual fatigue and physical problems related to poor posture.

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The announcement
How to trade online?
Trading is no longer a specialized activity for people who go to the trading floor. Before the advent of the Internet, you had to go through a broker, a bank or be a professional trader to invest in the financial markets and invest in the stock market. New technologies have made it possible to democratize access to financial markets.
Be aware that trading, even if it allows you to make money, can also make you lose, since the gains are hypothetical. It is therefore necessary to find a good platform, such as Flowbank, with a simple operation and trading opportunities in many financial markets.

Is there a minimum amount of money to invest in trading?
It is obvious that the chances as well as the risks are multiplied when you invest a lot of money. This does not mean that there is a minimum required to start investing in the stock market. In fact, once you have created an account, all you have to do is deposit a sum of money and put it on the financial medium that interests you. This can be traditional shares, currencies, bonds, SICAVs, ETFs… etc

Practice for free before betting your money
If you plan to invest in the financial markets, it is better to do a test on a free platform first. It is possible to trade with a simulator, which helps to better understand the mechanisms of the financial markets. You will learn, for example, how to choose which asset suits you best, how to take risks into account, etc.
Once you feel ready, you can try to invest your money. Of course, investing in the financial markets remains a risky investment and the loss of all or part of the invested capital is a possibility in case of changes in the financial markets. Similarly, the past performance of a medium or asset type is not indicative of future performance.

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