Ornate. For this wealth management advisor, “€60,000 or €70,000 is enough to invest in Alençon”

Jonas Guilland created CPR Solutions in Alençon, a consulting company in asset management. © L’Orne Hebdo

Jonas Guilland, 26, is Wealth management consultancy for three years at Alencon (Ornaments). Provides advice on investing and developing your wealth.

Do we all have a heritage?

Yes. We all have a family name, so in essence we all have a heritage. Then, it can be more or less important. Everyone can and should take into account their heritage!

To develop, you have to invest. There is investment in rent and investment in the financial markets. The greater our funding capacity, the faster we can go.

Any advice before you start investing?

When you are young, you need to have a minimum source of income. If you are a student and it is already difficult to make ends meet, the banks do not follow: you need a stable situation.

It is good to be accompanied, and to have two to three months of preventive savings. You must have a year of rent aside before embarking on the rental investment.

“Define your goals”

What are the steps to follow to get started in rental investment?

First of all, you have to clearly define your objectives. All decisions will depend on it.

So, it is important to know to what extent we are ready to invest ourselves: to what degree of involvement? Do you want to delegate or take care of everything?

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Then, we can move on to the search for the good. It has become more and more complicated, since rental investment has become more democratic. We hear more young people in their twenties looking to buy to invest.

Once you have found the property, you need to start: make a purchase offer, sign the sales contract… The rest is classic: start work or rent.

All this will allow you to get rich in the long run, because the rents repay the loans. €60,000 or €70,000 is enough to invest in Alençon, a deposit of €7,000 is required.

His first rental investment in 2015, age 19

While he was a firefighter in Paris, a job he did for five years, Jonas Guilland decided it was time for him to improve his financial situation. “I was guided by videos on YouTube explaining how to develop your assets,” he recalls. “At the time there were very few, today it is much more democratized, and you have to be careful what you can find.” At 19, in 2015, he made his first rental investment. “I liked it, so I decided to invest more. In 2019, he opened his consulting company in asset management: CPR Solutions, located in Place du Palais in Alençon. “I obtained all the necessary certifications and did my training with a Master’s degree in asset management”. Today, Jonas Guilland supports more than a hundred clients, both in Alençon and in the rest of France. . “My business has developed enormously with confinement and video conferences”. The French had in front of them more time and spent less, a manna to invest.

How to invest in the financial markets?

First you must choose your investment portfolio: Livret A, retirement savings plan… You must compare your portfolios according to your objectives.

So you have to ask yourself how much the investment is worth.

And talk to a professional to find out about their risk appetite. If we are not ready to lose, we cannot win. Two notions are important: progressiveness (investing by dividing the investment) and regularity (investing on a regular scale).

Most investors start with Collective Investment Schemes (OPCs). There are different levels of action, which makes the investment relatively accessible. We can thus invest in topics that are close to our hearts, in our convictions. The main topic of the moment? Renewable energies and the protection of the planet.

“Diversify and above all don’t go overboard”

What should you pay attention to when investing?

It is necessary to respect the savings of precaution. Don’t invest in one area: diversify. And above all, do not go into over-endbedness. You can not go into debt at more than 35%, it is one of the conditions, in France, that hardens the rate of access to credit.

We also need to be careful about the race for tax cuts. The investor is sometimes so obsessed with it that the investment is not profitable.

Be sure to get a tax analysis from a tax attorney, accountant or wealth management advisor.

How do you protect your assets?

First, you have to monitor your investments every month, and ensure the added value. So, don’t forget to diversify and protect yourself from taxation.

The main thing is not to leave the money in a checking account. If there is inflation, that money will lose value. We therefore invest the surplus, otherwise we inevitably lose money.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the investment costs of financial contracts and to take a budget if they are excessive.

The risk we want to avoid is losing everything. Little risk if you invest in the CAC 40 (the 40 most important French companies, editor’s note), for example. Because there is little chance that one of these companies will fail. And if one closes, the others stop.

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