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It was by “happy coincidence” that Dominic Paquette landed in the small world of financial advice and planning. While still a student at the University of Montreal, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in law and psychology as well as a certificate in marketing at HEC Montréal in 1995, the young man heard that candidates were sought after in the investment community and of financial planning.

“I passed the tests and my application was accepted,” he says. So it was effort, time and knowledge that got me to where I am. »

Where is he, at the head of Partenaire-Conseils Groupe Financier, the company he founded 20 years ago. A financial planner, financial security advisor, group insurance and group annuity plan advisor and mutual fund representative, Mr. Paquette explains that what he wants to bring to his clients is the assurance that their money is in good hands.

“I define myself as the quarterback of personal finance, he explains. I received the ball, I directed it and returned it to the right person to make sure that we go to the next stage in the best conditions.”


His interests are multiple as long as in the end his client wins. Always eager to learn more, about finance and investments of course, but also about all related subjects: legislation, accounting, notarial acts, taxation, etc.

Innovation is also part of their system. “We have developed working tools to introduce portfolio management and explain risk and return to our clients,” he says. With this, we demystified half of the placement. »

Another principle of the company: to engage its customers in the achievement of their goals, since all the planning is written in black and white.

“It forces us to follow carefully and to be bold to provide our people with original ideas to achieve the objectives that have been established.”

Partenaire-Conseils Groupe Financier is now a team of 18 people based in Laval, whose clientele consists mainly of businesses, who have specialized for many years in the transfer of companies. At 49, Dominic Paquette is far from thinking about his succession. Already the winner of numerous awards and merits, he wants to continue sharing his experience with his clients.

“Over time, we are able to identify the real concerns of our customers and exploit them,” he says. By the nature of the questions we ask, we allow them to understand what is bothering them. That is what we will focus on. »

Over time, we are able to identify the real concerns of our customers and exploit them.»

Dominic Paquette

He also says that Quebecers are much more interested in their personal finances these days than when he started in business. Young people in particular, who since the beginning of the pandemic have saved more, have more time and are attracted by the fact that they have arrived by video conference.

“Of course, we had to adapt, but it’s a quality that every good advisor should have. It’s vital not to be too emotional or to have confidence in yourself, because when the markets are running, it’s not the time to panic . You also have to know how to surround yourself. We don’t build this alone. I owe this award to my team, but also to my family, who support me.”

“Dominic Paquette is at a high level in our industry and makes significant progress through his impeccable practice and through his columns and conferences. Mr. Paquette is also a high-level athlete who takes on many sporting challenges to support and great cause. He advocates healthy lifestyles and encourages his team members to get involved in causes that are meaningful to them,” comments Annie Sinigagliese, president of the jury this year.


Antoine Chaume: a 360 vision

“A few weeks ago, a client came with the idea of ​​buying a piece of land in the Laurentians,” says Antoine Chaume. We all know how complicated it is with the increasing demand since the beginning of the pandemic. Finding the land is not everything. You have to bring a supervisor, a supervisor, and that usually takes months of waiting. Thanks to our network, we closed the deal in a few weeks. »

This type of added value service is the strength of Antoine Chaume and his team. At only 29 years old, he is an investment advisor, financial security advisor and financial planner in his own office, Lafond Financial Services, created in partnership with a professional just older than him.

“I had the opportunity to know very young what I wanted to do. My parents were psychologists and social workers, in the helping relationship. When I was 18 years old, when I was still in school, I started working as a cashier in a bank, then as a consultant. Then I went very quickly to get my certificate in financial planning, because I realized that if I also wanted to be in a helping relationship, I had to develop a 360 vision” .

I realized that if I still wanted to be in a helping relationship, I had to develop a 360 vision.»

Antoine Chaume

His goal? To become their customers one-stop-shop for their personal and business finances. Always looking for solutions, at the forefront of what is happening in the financial world…

“We have two specialties, explains the young man, [les clients issus du] technological sector and the creative sector. These are people who are dynamic, on guard, who are not afraid of risk. This is also what they ask us to do with their money. »


Take risks, but measured ones, we feel. Antoine Chaume identifies three pillars of value enhancement: business, asset management and real estate.

“Entrepreneurs, especially in technology, will have 90% of their net worth in their company, so no money,” he explains. Where we stand out is that we will move our clients from the corporate pillar to that of asset management and real estate. We need to understand that, yes, it is important to grow your business, but that you should not leave the entrepreneur and the family. You have to “de-risk” the situation. »

In the same spirit, Antoine Chaume founded Waltr Collective Solutions two years ago, a technological platform that offers individual and independent financial support to the employees of the companies for which his firm works.

“I drew a lot of inspiration from technology companies, I analyzed their ways of doing things to be able to attract people and increase the number of employees we serve”, he concludes.

“Antoine Chaume is a mentor for many young advisors in our industry, but also for other sectors through his participation in Futurpreneur Canada, where he acts as a coach. Co-founding Waltr Collective Solutions in 2020, he established the first company of collective mortgage in Canada, proof of his great capacity for innovation Co-founder of the Montreal-South Shore division of the Regroupement des jeunes conseilleurs du Québec in 2017, administrator of the Cercle des Jeunes Leaders of the International Economic Forum of the Americas and delegate of Chambre de la sécurité financier pour la région de Montréal, is involved at various levels in its community,” says Annie Sinigagliese to explain the jury’s choice.


Sébastien Comeau: “I am a very unifying man”

“I come from hockey, says Sébastien Comeau. I evolved at a high level, but when I realized that I did not have the potential to play in the National League, I embarked on a career in finance. Why financial planning? I am a very man unifying in a locker room. I have the ability to develop lasting relationships, I love people, being in a helping relationship … all this is part of my values.”

After four years in a large financial institution, in 2015, Mr. Comeau launched his own practice. He joined forces with Étienne Grandmont and together, in Drummondville, they created Grandmont & Comeau Inc. to meet the needs of integrated financial planning.

“We rely on a personalized approach that puts the needs of our customers at the center of our concerns,” explains the winner. Our company offers a full range of services including financial, tax and estate planning, portfolio management and personal insurance. Through a comprehensive, rigorous, prudent, but above all, individual-focused approach to wealth management, we guide our clients – primarily entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals – in achieving their financial goals. »


Since he is on his own, Sébastien Comeau has decided to free up time to take care of his community, and to live his professional life, but also his personal life, as close as possible to his values. For the past eighteen months, he has been President of the Board of Directors of the Fondation du Center Normand-Léveillé, which helps to maintain and develop quality services for people with disabilities and their families.

“Parents can leave their children in the center, a space surrounded by nature, and thus have a little respite to have fun and flourish. I am a father, it is a cause that affects me. I know how lucky I am to have healthy children .”

Beyond the money that philanthropists give to the center, Mr. Comeau wants them to feel more involved. Thus, through the Creator of Victories program, they sponsor a child by offering access to the center at a reduced rate. They are also regularly informed about what is being achieved with the donations.

“The year 2021 was difficult because of the pandemic, admits the young professional, but thanks to the mobilization, we managed to raise significant sums and bring more people to volunteer.”

Sébastien Comeau also created a volunteer team within his financial services company, encouraging his employees to help the community during their paid work hours.

“Giving money is good, but we also need human contributions,” he said. Human beings need access to other human beings. This is how I do my business. This is also how I lead my life and my contribution to the community. And I invite other entrepreneurs to release their employees to have time to participate in their community. »

Giving money is good, but we also need human contributions.»

Sebastien Comeau

“Support and social commitment are at the heart of Sébastien Comeau’s life. What motivates him? His desire to give back and help people in need. As Chairman of the Board of the Fondation du Center Normand-Léveillé , has contributed in particular to implementing activities of great social impact, such as the sale of “boîtes de répit” consisting of quality products from Quebec and distributed to people who had a particularly difficult 2020. In addition to promoting local consumption, this sale has made it possible to finance services for the benefit of the center and its relatives”, underlines Mrs. Sinigagliese.

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