Personal training account, energy renewal … scams in the view of the government

via Associated Press How the government wants to “track down” and “punish” those who “rip off” the French

via Associated Press

POLITICS – Bruno Le Maire wants to “kick them out”. The Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery made the fight against scammers a “priority” of the government, this Thursday, July 7, when he presented the main lines of the project to protect purchasing power French. Provisions that are added to the financial package of 20 billion euros promised by the executive.

“We have to follow a certain number of scams that are multiplying on the Internet”, explained the number 2 of the government, for which these abuses are “even more unacceptable in this period of expensive life”. This concerns, for example, scams on the personal training account (CPF) that abound by SMS and email, the energy renovation of buildings or financial investments.

Therefore, the government counts on the “total mobilization” of “all the State services that have the necessary information”, such as customs, tax authorities, the general direction of public finances or judicial police . The goal: “Trace in a coordinated way all those who scam the French.”

Heavier pains

“We have all together, with the various ministers concerned, given the necessary instructions to make it a priority,” he hammered again, without going into the details of the instructions, as you can see below. (from 23′).

More specifically, the government wants to increase the penalties provided for people who engage in these abuses, now “carried out on a large scale and in an organized gang”, according to the press release that accompanies the presentation of the project of the power of purchase The text “increases”, for example, “to three years the prison sentence incurred in case of the commission of a deceptive business practice or an aggressive business practice, since this practice is followed by the conclusion of a contract”.

A penalty increased to seven years “when these scams are committed in an organized gang”. For now, the offense is punishable by two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros according to the Consumer Code.

The mayor promises a “cancel” button.

In this same logic, to “protect consumers”, the government also wants to help them resolve their “everyday” contracts or subscriptions more easily. To “give them back their freedom of choice”, in the words of the Minister of Finance.

“Many consumers are now prisoners of a certain number of subscriptions from which they cannot free themselves”, he explained, this Thursday at the exit of the Council of Ministers. The statement mentions, for example, subscriptions to magazines, gas, electricity, telephony or even the Internet. The executive therefore wants to “implement a simplified termination procedure, in three clicks, via a “termination” button”.

It will be “made mandatory”, Bruno Le Maire was careful to specify… if the government finds a majority in the National Assembly. The text on purchasing power must go through the grill of the Finance Committee before landing in the hemicycle on July 18.

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