Professionalization contract: think about specific help for long-term candidates

Benefit temporarily from attractive financial assistance for the hiring of a long-term job seeker under a professionalization contract. Constructys has given details about this system, which can be particularly useful in case of recruitment difficulties.

The professionalization contract: qualification training for the employee

Under the aegis of work-study, long-term job seekers can benefit from an indefinite or determined work contract while obtaining a diploma, title or professional certification that allows them to reintegrate or enter from it in professional and social life.

This type of contract is open:

  • to people from 16 to 25 years to complete their initial training;
  • job seekers aged 26 and over;
  • beneficiaries of the RSA, the specific solidarity allowance or the allowance for disabled adults or beneficiaries of a single integration contract.

At the end of the professionalization contract, the duration of which for fixed-term contracts can be up to 36 months for the so-called priority audiences, you will be able to hire a trained employee who is integrated into your company.

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This system is very interesting in view of the recruitment difficulties that the construction industry is facing today.

Your advantages in hiring a long-term job seeker on a professionalization contract

In addition to hiring an employee who will have been trained in your company through work-study training receiving training adapted to your skill needs, you will be able to benefit under certain conditions from various advantages with the contract of professionalization, to know:

  • the absence of consideration of the employee in the workforce of your company until the end of the contract if it is a CDD or the end of the professionalization contract if it is a CDI;
  • non-payment of termination benefits;
  • training actions financed by Constructys;
  • the payment of the training costs of the tutors and those related to the exercise of this function by Constructys also;
  • various financial aids.

In fact, depending on the profile and age of the employee hired under a professionalization contract, you can ask:

  • aid financed by the State for the hiring of employees aged 45 and over in a professionalization contract and flat-rate aid for the hiring of a candidate aged 26 or over paid by Pôle Emploi;
  • exceptional state aid of €5,000 or €8,000 until June 30, 2022 for hiring a young person under 30 (see our article “Exceptional work-study aid: extension until 30 June 2022”);
  • exceptional financial aid for the recruitment of a long-term job seeker up to €8,000 during the first year of the contract.

Regarding this last aid more specifically, the long-term job seeker you want to hire must have been registered as such for at least 12 months during the last 15 months without activity or have carried out a professional activity for a maximum duration of 78 hours per month. .

The contract must cover the purchase of:

  • a diploma or title for professional purposes equivalent to a maximum of master’s level or a certificate of professional qualification (CQP);
  • of skills defined by the employer and Constructys in agreement with the employee, as part of the professionalization contract.

These conditions must be fulfilled on the date of conclusion of the contract.

Until June 30, 2022, the aid is reserved for hiring people of at least 30 years. It is paid by Pôle Emploi up to a maximum of €8,000 per year.

From July 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, all long-term jobseekers, regardless of their age, will be eligible for assistance.

Note it

Long-term job seekers looking for work, who have not carried out any professional activity for at least 12 months during the last 15 months and have started training or operational preparation for individual employment between November 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022, for his part, he will receive a bonus of €1,000 to encourage him to take steps to find a company that allows him to sign a professionalization contract.

Just send your professionalization contract file on the eGestion platform created by CONSTRUCTYS.


This exceptional aid replaces aid paid under contracts concluded between November 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 for the hiring of freelance jobs and for the hiring of persons eligible for an integration program for through the economic activity under professionalization contract.

Do you need help paying your apprentices or your employees on a vocational training contract? Tissot Editions recommends its documentation “BTP payroll manager and manager”.
Decree 2021-1404 of October 29, 2021 regarding assistance in hiring certain job candidates with professionalization contracts, Official Gazette of 30

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