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Inflation will exceed 5% in 2022

Since the end of 2021, inflation is back in the French economy. In May, it also accelerated with a 0.6% increase in consumer prices. According to INSEE, it is currently at 5.2% in a year, a record in the last 37 years.

  • The reason: the recovery of post-Covid activity has inflated prices and the war in Ukraine has caused an energy shock causing a shortage of raw materials.
  • As a result: the global rise in prices creates a fall in purchasing power and monetary value.

Second Louis Legassewealth management expert and advisor to Portal-SCPI.frThe reference platform for investing in SCPI, faced with this economic situation, more and more savers choose to return to the asset class less affected by the damage caused by inflation: real estate and especially, the SCPI.

Are you hesitant to invest in SCPI? Make a custom simulation according to your situation:

Real estate for rent, an investment indexed to inflation

“In this economic climate, invest in real estate rental it is a very good reflex to adopt since it is an investment indexed to inflation.” explains our advisor

In fact, any rental solution generally provides for the indexation of rents the rent benchmark (IRL). This index is calculated by the INSEE from the evolution of prices for consumption, excluding tobacco and excluding rents of the last 12 months. “Based on inflation, the IRL therefore follows the same curve. If prices rise, so do rents. Result: this also benefits the investor.” precise Louis Legasse.

The SCPI: the bulwark against inflation

Buying a property and then renting it remains a very expensive investment that takes a lot of time to manage. To meet the needs of its customers, Louis Legasse offers them the ideal alternative: “The SCPI is an excellent compromise between real estate investment and ease of management!”

LThe management companies that manage SCPI’s real estate index their rents to rising prices. This means that if the cost of living increases, the rents also increase: consequently, the dividends paid to the partners also increase.

To take advantage of the SCPIs, you can contact one of our advisors in a few clicks.

SCPIs are therefore an excellent investment for you protect against inflation. Especially since these are diversified investments with cumulative risks. If investing in SCPI interests you, do not hesitate to use it to simulate your investment with the simulation tool SCPI offered by

Call an advisor before investing: the right strategy

To protect more against inflation, it is important to invest with caution and build more diversified possible by investing in different SCPIs covering different types of assets.

If you also want, like many French, benefit from the performance of the SCPIfeel free to make an appointment with one of the advisers of or call Stronger than 10 years of experience, its experts are at your disposal to advise and support you in your SCPI investment.