Recovery and creation do not scare entrepreneurs!

Between the health crisis and the war in Eastern Europe, the recovery glimpsed last year and despite all these events, is confirmed in Hautes-Pyrénées with entrepreneurs and leading companies in the territory. This new Septuori ceremony honors all those who have shone through an investment, an innovation, a change of strategy to boost their business. In these structures, we find well-known names of the High Pyrenees, high-tech industries but also young companies or companies, with managers who are passionate and confident in the future.

This evening that will put them into action will take place on Thursday, September 29 at the CCI of Tarbes and will be broadcast live on the sites and from 7 o’clock in the evening. Upstream, discover every day the winning or nominated companies in each category: Occitan Region Special Award, CCI 65 Special Award, Pyrenees Initiative Award, Agri-food, Innovation, Industry, Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Development, International, Crafts and Territories.

Each of the 10 winners will receive a prize from one of the partners of these Septuors: the Regione Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the CCI 65, EDF, Prévifrance, the Crédit Agricole Pyrénées-Gascogne, the SCALA group, Initiative Pyrénées, the SISCA group. , the Agglu Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees and Cerfrance.

The partner

Nicolas Doléac, Commercial Council CERFRANCE Hautes-Pyrénées

“The CERFRANCE Hautes-Pyrénées is again a partner of the Septuors. We will have the opportunity to present the Entrepreneurs award. As a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants, we support innovative initiatives by entrepreneurs VSE / SME in the region for several years. 2022 is the third year marked by the health crisis, to which the war in Ukraine has been added in recent months… Thus, we are witnessing an unprecedented economic crisis that disturbs the ‘economic balance of companies and families. The role of the accountant is once again reinvented with crisis management for many VSE-PMIs impacted by inflation and the increase in raw materials.

Beyond strategic support, we become an actor in the realization and deposit of aid requests with State services and social funds. In the news of our structure, we continue our work regarding the implementation of the electronic invoice that will be extended between 2024 and 2026 to all companies.

A study group was formed and we communicate today with our members and outside the actors of the territory. This innovation will be imposed on entrepreneurs and accounting firms. It is ready now and together we must demonstrate adaptability and innovation. CERFRANCE Advice is available to project leaders and entrepreneurs to help them in the economic, marketing and social evaluation of their business. »

Nicolas Doléac

Companies named:

The Madras company lives a new life in Bigorre

Historically established for 30 years in the Pays d’Aix, the Madras company specializing in spice mixes was taken over at the beginning of 2022 and moved to Bigorre, and more precisely to Pouyastruc. Its core business is the agri-food chain “B to B” exclusively with pastry chefs, or companies that produce ready-made dishes… Currently made up of two people, it already has objectives of hiring apprentices in the coming weeks to maintain its activity resumption of its activity. “We have a national clientele but with few customers in the South-West. Thus, we want to develop our know-how with the local clientele, then we will potentially open to the delicatessen and then to individuals”, explains Pascal Chisne, his manager. Today specialized in tailor-made based on a wide range of products, more than 400 different, the revival of the Madras company has been supported at several levels: a business research project with the CRA (Cédants and Business Buyers), the CCI. of Hautes-Pyrénées and Initiative Pyrénées at the financial level that grants a loan of honor, but also a lot of advice from the network of Entreprendre… “Our goal is to quickly perpetuate the company, and to develop new customers without forgetting to maintain the existing ones. and pass on our know-how,” he concludes.

MADRAS Pascal Chisné

MADRAS Pascal Chisné
– Bruno Derozier

MGR Pyrénées, precision mechanics in full diversification

Founded in 1997, MGR Pyrénées quite naturally celebrates its 25th anniversary with a growth that has been linear in all these years, going from 3 employees at the beginning to 22 today. From Andrest to the north of Tarbes, he distinguished himself in precision mechanics and in all types of machining to be able to fully handle the manufacture of a piece at home. For example, it makes parts by turning and milling with grinding processes with materials purchased directly (especially on the part of surface treatment). Its current growth is due to an activity resumed in September 2021 by three partners, between two former employees Brigitte Robert and Carlos Ferreira, and Philippe Cami, who has 25 years of experience in aeronautics and mechanics. Between them, they bought 100% of the shares of MGR Pyrénées and want to diversify in several sectors: that of medicine and ceramics in particular, but also armaments, food and aeronautics. In terms of turnover, MGR Pyrénées ended the year 2020 at 1.45 M€ then at 1.65 M€ last year, and intends to close in 2022 at more than 2 million euros with 4 additional hires. “We have invested in a structure that has a lot of potential and we also want to support it with investment, especially in the renovation of the equipment” indicates Philippe Cami, the director.

Bishop PYRENEES Philippe CAMI

Bishop PYRENEES Philippe CAMI

EnerLoop, the technical design office for sustainable development

EnerLoop, specialized in photovoltaics, the technical design office established at the Crescendo incubator of Tarbes, EnerLoop intends to offer specific missions on the feasibility of projects to individuals and companies (industry, shopping centers, local authorities , farmers). Around Rémi Clèves and Mickael Pinot, a team of 9 people has been working for two years to grow the activity in the area. “We carry out the pre-study, site monitoring, design and study of the solar installation, but also the financial projection according to the nature of the project, which can be self-consumption or resale. Then, we provide the management of the project and the assistance to the management of the project, in particular recommending the installation companies”, describes Rémi Clèves. All types of projects are concerned by the competence of EnerLoop, including power plants on the ground, on roofs or in shadow houses with singular expertise in storage with batteries and fuel cells adapted to the chosen system. “We support projects in agrivoltaism, but also in collective self-consumption with social employers or at the scale of a town like in Bagnères where the individual exchanges energy with each other” he said. Innovative, the company also stands out in the field of modeling and simulation with a project called Smart-Grip to remotely control its electrical consumption related to photovoltaic production. It also received a grant to enable its development.



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