Retreat of the coast

The Ordinance of April 6, 2022 relating to the development of territories exposed to coastal retreat (GU of April 7) responds to the authorization provided by the Climate Law (art. 248) which allows the government to adopt the provisions for the implementation of measures by the municipalities concerned, transfer strategies. It revolves around four titles: the adaptation of the tools of the management of the territory and the definition of a method for the evaluation of the exposed assets, the real rent for the adaptation to the erosion of the coastline, and necessary derogations to the act of the littoral for the relocation, and the overseas adaptation for the “fifty geometry”. area of ​​the steps.

Adopted in extreme urgency, after an unfavorable opinion of the Cnen, an alert of the AMF and of the Anel on the legal uncertainty for the communities concerned created by the legal regime of the tools proposed for evaluation and land control, this order is not always accompanied by a proposal. for the creation of an appropriate economic and financial model that guarantees the effectiveness of the measures. It has not been the subject of any financial assessment of the compensation linked to the transfer operations, which will however weigh heavily on the municipalities and intermunicipalities concerned.

Find the ordinance of April 6, 2022 related to the development of territories exposed to coastal retreat (GU April 7)

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