Savings: the wealth manager on the Internet, advice accessible to all

Like almost 75% of savers, maybe you only have limited confidence in your bank’s advice and investments… So why not call a CGP, in other words a wealth management advisor? It will help you identify your current and future needs, and work to build the financial and real estate assets that fit your profile. All for a lower cost than you might think, especially if you opt for an organization that operates 100% on the Internet (read our selection in the table below). But before opening an account here, check that it offers all the required professional guarantees, and make sure that it defends your interests in full independence vis-à-vis insurance and fund management companies.


No minimum per post to become a customer of an online savings manager. A CGP with a physical branch rarely opens its door to less than 500 or 1,000 euros of monthly savings, especially if it is part of a large national network, such as Cyrus Conseil, Primonial or Thesaurus. Nothing to do with the new generation of savings managers, Altaprofits, Bienpré, Linxea, Meilleurtaux Placement or NetInvestissement, which have settled on the Internet to make the profession as accessible as possible: at home, with no minimum bet. it is necessary to become a customer, and savings products can be submitted directly on their site. As for advice, everything is obviously done online, the experts of these companies can be reached by email, phone or video.


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The status of financial investment advisor is a guarantee of seriousness and skills. All serious Internet companies have adopted the status of financial investment advisor (CIF): it allows them, after the verification of their skills, to distribute risky investments and put them under the control of the Autorité des marchés financiers , which does not fit. with poorly put together savings plans. Another guarantee that will reassure you about the reach of the services offered: being registered with Orias, to have the status of insurance broker.

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The products

Stock market, real estate, life insurance, tax arrangements: the range is often very wide. Among the savings products most distributed by these online managers are multi-support life insurance and retirement savings plan (PER). It is true that companies draw up specific contracts for them, which offer a wide choice of investment vehicles, with, as a bonus, the assistance of lawyers for the drafting of the benefit clause (which allows you to designate the people who will collect the savings account in case of death of the insured). But they also offer, depending on the client’s profile, asset savings plans (PEA), funds to reduce tax (FCPI, Sofica, pooling of land, etc.) or to obtain a regular income supplement, especially through of civil real estate investment companies (SCPI).


It comes from the commissions paid by the managers of the subscribed products. A wealth adviser may charge fees for advice given or tax study carried out. But Internet companies rarely charge the board, preferring to be remunerated via fees deducted from the investments submitted. This remuneration takes the form of retrocommissions paid by managers of investment funds, life insurance contracts, PER or SCPI. That is, depending on the case, between 0.5 and 3% on payments, and between 0.10 and 0.40% on annual ads. A simple and economical formula for the customer.

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